Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Kono III: 26/27 Week Update

24 weeks

26 weeks

I'm annoying myself that I can't just call this a 26 week update.  But here's the deal....when we found out we were pregnant I desperately wanted an ultrasound to give myself a little piece of mind.  But I knew I wouldn't be able to get that unless something looked wrong or *gasp* I lied.  And so I lied.  I said I didn't know the date of my last period and so I didn't know how far along I was.  The truth is, my last period was August 28th.  Based on a 28 day cycle (which is what I had the month before) my due date would have been 6/3/12. Based on, ahem, estimated conception, because I thought we were, ahem, in the clear, my due date would be 6/6/12.  But when I had my early ultrasound the tech didn't do it trans vaginally (I have no idea why when I was that early, but whatever) and they came up with a due date of 6/11/12 - 5 days later then what I thought.  So each of my monthly appointments are on Wednesdays and per their due date I'm always x weeks 2 days.  When I thing I'm actually x + 1 weeks. 

So anyway, that's why these updates are ridiculously named.  The pictures I've been taking on weekends, which puts me half way between the weeks, a compromise in my mind.

Yesterday I had my 26 (27) (God, I can't stop) week appointment.  When I made the appointment I told Collin, "I can't do this one on my own", because it included my 1-hour glucose test/blood draw.  But then of course the weather had to go and be all 50 degrees on us and we can't afford for him to be off the house when it's that nice and so, long story short, it was me, a bottle of nasty, a blood draw and appointment, with two rambunctious kids in tow. 

It actually went pretty good, considering, except for the part where Hutt came thisclose to opening the bathroom door on me mid-urine sample to a room full of unsuspecting lab patients.  That would have been awesome.  So my pants are down around my thighs, my hair is in my face and I'm trying desperately to get a good angle on the cup when I look up to see Hutty on his tippy toes, little mits on the door, handle drawn down, just about to pull it back.  In high heel boots I scurry over, grab him by the coat and pull him back to the toilet with me.  No, no, no! I tell him.  And now I'm holding a cup in one hand and a kid in the other and CRAP, I'm missing the cup, and Keaton's asking me why I'm peeing like that oh, this is just SO FUN!

But it did go okay, and I didn't bare it all to the lab room, so that was good.

So...general baby updates...

  • First of all, here is a 24-week comparison picture with Hutton. And a 26-week shot with Keaton.
  • I know I shouldn't compare babies/kids and all that, but I can't help myself.  At 26 weeks with Keaton I had gained 18 pounds.  I didn't note what I had gained with Hutton except to say it was less than that.  With Baby III I've gained 17 pounds (up another 4 from my last appointment.)  I'm really only tracking this for my own records, because I find it interesting, not because I care how much weight I gain. 
  • This baby is a mover and a groover.  Lots of movement during the day and lots of movement when I lay down at night.  And it seriously feels like he is break dancing in there. 
  • I haven't nailed down the one word I would use to describe him yet.  I read this in a magazine during my pregnancy with Keaton and I used the word "inquisitive" to describe him and with Hutton I used "spitfire."  Both were dead on.  I need to spend a little more quiet time thinking about this for Baby III.
  • I'm having Braxton Hicks again, though I feel like not quite as many as last time. Although I noted last time that they were still pretty infrequent. They haven't picked up in intensity yet though; where I actually have to tell Collin to stop talking so I can breath through them.  Which, I'm starting to wonder, are those Braxton Hicks, or are those real contractions?  I've read that BH don't hurt, but mine always do.  Is that normal??
  • I had a massage a few weeks ago and I probably shouldn't type this here but my sciatic has been so much better since then. It still hurts, but nothing like it was before.
  • I think we're about 95% sure on this little boy's name.  It's a name that Collin loves, by far his first pick.  I like it to, don't get me wrong, but it is more common then the other boys' names and I've been stalking local hospital online nurseries and have seen it pop up a few times in recent months.  I'm not sure why this bothers me, I don't want a "weird" name, I just, I don't know, I guess it's because I was one of 3 Katie's in my class and I always hated being Katie B.  But I do like the name, so I'm not sure it matters, and the boys have already been calling the baby by this name. 
Appointment updates...

  • Heat beat yesterday was 127; the lowest it has ever been (he's usually in the 140-150s).  I'm guessing he was sleeping, or on a sugar crash following the glucose drink. 
  • Based on my fundal height I was measuring 28 weeks.  Doc said this was fine and what he doesn't want to see is measuring behind.
  • My appointment was 24 hours ago and I still have not received a call from the nurse telling me I failed the glucose test.  Is it actually possible I passed???  I've failed the 1-hour with both of the boys so I was fully expecting to fail this one too.
  • Found out I might be having an allergic reaction to my progesterone injections.  After last weeks shot my injection site itched liked crazy for several days.  After last nights shot I broke out in a rash on my arm.  I'm going to try taking Zyrtec next week, if that doesn't help we might have to stop these.
  • My next two appointments will be spaced 3 weeks apart (instead of 4).  At my 32 week check-up (6 weeks from yesterday) I will be having a pelvic exam.  I assume this is to check to see if I'm thinning/dilated.  Holy crap you guys, six weeks!  I feel like that appointment will be very telling as to whether we have several more weeks in us or we'll be welcoming this little guy early again. Or not.  Who knows!
  • Either way, I'm starting to think I need to get myself some clothes to take to the hospital and start working on that "must have" baby gear list to make sure we're at least somewhat prepared here.


CAS said...

wooohoo! Looking good Mama!

Jill said...

Yeah - awesome update! I can't believe he's almost here already...
that does not seem possible (btw...Hannah is trying to say "Hi" with a few pats on the keyboard as I'm trying to write this). I love your explanation for the name of the updates and even more LOVE your story about taking the boys in the bathroom with you to your appt! Kids just don't understand hovering! :) Haha! Good luck on your test results!