Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Valentine's Day guessing game

Yesterday was a good day in the Kono household, we closed on our mortgage!!  We've known for a few weeks now that everything had gone through okay but until I signed my name on those papers I didn't want to speak a word of it in fear of jinxing ourselves.  I've been so concerned about this, what if the appraisal doesn't come in high enough?  What if something is wrong with our credit scores (even though I've looked at them a dozen times) and it screws up our approval, what if?  what it?  what if?  Collin of course was cool a a cucumber, things will be fine, he said.  While I, Type-A miss Frets-a-Lot, laid awake at night worrying about and fearing the worst. 

This living situation, us staying in a duplex in town, is okay, we're making due, but only because in my mind it is temporary.  If this were suddenly to become indefinite, I think I might lose it.  This is not home, even Keaton calls it "the duplex;" all I want is to go home.  As of yesterday I can officially say this summer (or maybe fall, were not exactly sure when the house will be ready) we'll be GOING HOME!!!

Knowing things had gone through okay has let me start dreaming and planning a little in the last week or so.  I've been talking to the boys about their bedrooms and we've been sketching ideas in our mind.  In honor of Valentine's Day next week I thought we'd have a little guessing game on here.  The winner will be the proud recipient of one of our homemade valentine's - we worked on them this past weekend.  It's not much, but I will tell you there is candy involved :)

So here's the question: What theme are we planning* for each of the boys' rooms (for Baby it isn't a theme, but a color scheme)?

So your answer should be three parts: 1) Keaton's theme, 2) Hutton's theme and 3) Baby Kono III's nursery colors.

I'll give one point for each correct guess and the person with the most points first, wins.

(That probably makes no sense, but in my head I know what I'm doing.)

I'll be going to the post office on Saturday morning so get your guesses in by the end of the week.

*I say planning because kids are fickle and current themes are subject to change.



Anonymous said...

Enjoy the planning!
I guess...
3)Red and Tan

1 & 2 are based on past interests, so likely WRONG, but wanted to put my first comment on your blog. 3 is not likely for a nursery, but a fun guess anyway. :)

Geri said...

So happy to hear your good news. I guess:

Keaton: Trains
Hut: Jungle animals
Baby #3: Orange and Khaki

Btw, start looking for ideas for a new painting for the new nursery!! :)

Jill said...

Yeah...congrats on your exciting news!
I guess...
Keaton: Tractors
Hutton: Trains
Baby #3: baby blue and brown

Em said...

So happy to hear this news. :) My guesses would've been the same as Jill's, so I'll refrain from repeating them. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the finished project. :)
I guess,
Keaton- John Deere
Hutton- Safari Animals
Baby Kono- Navy Blue, Baby Blue stripes

Let's get together soon.
Tanya L. :)

Mama B said...

I guess....
Keaton: Fire station (fire trucks, etc...)
Hutton: Sports (baseball maybe)
Nursery color scheme: Nature inspired (brown and green)

Amanda said...

Funny that you told me the answer to these questions on Monday night...think I can remember them...nope! Here are my guesses:

Keaton: Farm theme
Hutt: same as Keaton
Baby: Light green and brown

Can't wait to see the new rooms!!!

KellyCow said...

Awesome news!
My guesses:
1) Keaton: Farm theme - with chickens!
2) Hutton: Planes
3) Baby - Neutral Safari (see link: http://www.creative-baby-nursery-rooms.com/sleepy-safari-nursery.html)

have fun!

CAS said...

Congrats- Excited for you! Let the planning begin! My guess was already taken so I'll switch it up

1.) Trains 2.) Tractors 3.) Blue and Tan

Patten Family said...

Kate Kono....

We Want the Fire Story...

We Want the Fire Story...

That was your cheering squad from Missouri.


Becca said...

Yeay!! congrats!

This is the best part of having your own home. You can do anything you want to decorate the whole house.