Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrating Valentine's Day

I love holidays.  I'm not sure there is one that I don't like, but this year my anticipation for Valentine's Day has surprised even myself.  I think it is because this day is centered around love and over the course of the last couple of months so many people have shown us so much love that some days my heart feels like it is bursting.  Of course there are also days that my heart is still heavy, really heavy, but it's in those moments that I remind myself of all this love and start to feel whole again.

A few weeks ago we bought the boys a Valentine's book that explains the history of the day in very easy to understand, simplistic terms.  We've been reading the book and talking about the upcoming holiday and planning our Valentine's (an idea I got from The Fry Family Blog, via Pinterest.)  Keaton has been so into it this year. I showed him a picture online and we set out to buy our shovels.  Every store we've been at lately he's been asking to look for them (note, we never did find just shovels, so I had to order them online.)  Then a couple of weekends ago we started putting them together.  Keaton shoveling, Hutton eating.  And with each bag we packaged up we talked about who it was going to and why we wanted to show them love this year.

My only disappointment in the project is I wish we could have made and sent more.  I wish we could have sent them to everyone on our thank you list.  Because there are so many people that we "dig" right now.  So many people that we love.

For the Grandparent's this year we did a little different project.  This idea came from Allfreecrafts.com also via Pinterest.

This morning I woke up early to put the boy's gifts out and start working on our traditional Valentine's morning waffles.  The boy's got more of a haul this year than most because I wanted to replace some of the things that they lost in the fire. When Keaton came up this morning and saw gifts sitting on the kitchen counter he stopped in his tracks and just stared with wide eyes.  When my mom came up the stairs he exclaimed, Mimi! We got presents!!  His excitement might have made my morning.

The rest of our Valentine's celebration was centered around food. Waffles on our new heart plates this morning, red velvet cupcakes at lunch, and our traditional Valentine's Day dinner, seafood alfredo, crab cakes and asparagus.  This is the meal Collin and I had on our first Valentine's Day together and we've made it a tradition. 

In many ways it was just a simple, ordinary day, which might have made me love it even more.

And now for our Valentine's Day guessing game results.....

First of all, I have to tell you I loved reading through your guesses and if I could have combined all of your guesses into one, you guys would have nailed it!  But the person with the most correct guesses first, the winner is...


Congrats Jill!  I'm hoping you guys received your package today!

So?  What were the correct answers??

Keaton - Tractors (he also wants construction equipment, so I'm going to try to combine the two)  (Guessed by: Jill, Ember, Tanya, Amanda, and Kelly)

Hutton - Sports themed (possibly focused on baseball) (Guessed by: Kira, who not only said sports, but noted baseball - nice work!)

Baby Kono III color scheme - Brown and Blue, nature inspired (Colors guessed by: Jill and Ember Nature inspired noted by Kira)  My current inspiration are these birch tree wall decals

We'll have to have another guessing game in time for St. Patty's!


Mama B said...

Great Valentine's Day gifts, the kids loved them!

Jill said...

Yes - we received the package in the mail yesterday! Thank you!

The kids were SO excited and such a cute idea! It didn't take a long to "dig" into them! :)

Glad you had a nice V-day!

CAS said...

I loved the Valentines gift-so creative and I love more of what you did with explaining who and why you were giving this. Makes it special!