Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blogging Again

This month has kicked my ass.

(In my head I totally just said, This ass has kicked my month, which I think about sums it up.)

When I sat down and wrote Part 1 of the fire story I had every intention of finishing it that same weekend.  That was what?  Four freaking weeks ago.  Part of it is that I'm nervous about writing the second half.  That whole evening (well, early morning) is such a blur.  I have my memories but I worry that they might not all be exact.  And part of it is that writing it means I have to go back there, I have to experience it all again, and at the end of the day that just feels too exhausting.  But mostly, it's simply because I haven't had time.  December at work was full of deadlines and year-end projects, being out for nearly the last three weeks of the year really set me behind, and January has been all about playing catch up.  It's made for some long days, both mentally and physically, and has left me with very little energy to do much else.  And then the weekend roles around and there is just so much to do.  We're still trying to sort and organize items that have been donated.  I have a list of thank yous to write that will likely take me a whole year (I'm very slow when it comes to Thank yous), oh, and that insurance inventory thing.  Oh my God, you guys, it is SO much work.  We have only completed 1 1/2 rooms and have already put hours into it. 

But the good news is, the calendar has flipped to February, I've met my January month-end deadlines.  For right this second, I'm feeling a little peace and I'm hoping with it I'll be able to carve out some more time for blogging.  I mean, I have yet to tell you about this baby.  This little BOY who will be joining our family in four short months.  He's becoming an active little guy, but when his brothers are around he seems to just sit still and listen.  I'm feeling kicks from both the inside and out now, and Collin has felt them too, but Keaton, oh bless his heart, can only sit still for about 10 seconds and then he pushes on my tummy and says, "he kicked, Mama??"  Well no, honey, that was just the flub bouncing back at you, but we'll try again when he gets bigger.

I have an appointment next Wednesday, so I'll try writing a proper pregnancy update then. 

In the meantime, I'm going to try to finish the Story of the Fire because even though things have been hectic and overwhelming around here, we've been busy rebuilding (our home and our lives), and that's a much happier story to document.


Kate W. said...

Oh Kate- I'm so sorry to read about the fire and your house! I am sorry as I too have not been "here" and will say some more prayers for you! What do you need? What can "we" do? I am so glad to hear another boy! Just SO fun!! I hope you are all fairing as well as possible. Please let me know how I can help!

Kelly said...

Yay... your back! Looking forward to hearing about that new little boy in your life.

Gail said...

But, I miss you when you're gone! :) Yet, I understand where you're coming from kinda - the work, dog, family balance thing - I do get that. I only have one kid and no fire, yet I'm running around bat-shit crazy half the time...I can't imagine what you go through, love. Hang in there, your audience knows it's always worth the wait!

And yeah - email that address to send this package to will ya!?! :)

Jill said...

Yeah! Glad to have you back! I know you're crazy, but it will probably give you some sense of normalcy to start your blogging again! Absolutely agree with Gail though that we understand!

It was great to see you guys last weekend and loving to see that baby belly growing! And OMG...I forgot I need to send you those pictures! (The whole reason you said it would be good for me to take them...haha!) I'll try to upload them to Shutterfly tonight and send you a link. And I'll share Keats book with you too in case you want an electronic copy.

Hope you're able to put your feet up a bit this weekend, even if you're working through house stuff! Take care!

CAS said...

so glad your back. I think blogging is a great way to release what we are holding onto in our heads.

Em said...

Can't wait to see your pregnancy post and a belly shot! It's good to see you back here, hon. :)