Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5:30 pm

It's dark now and their headlights illuminate the yard as they pull up the drive.  I've been sitting here, chugging away at work trying to get caught up as the darkness has crept around me.  I haven't had time to turn on any lights and so when the door opens the house is black.  That doesn't stop him though.  I immediately hear the pitter patter of little feet making a bee-line from the kitchen to my office.  He stops in the doorway, draws his hands to his mouth and giggles. 

Hi, sweetie! 

He darts into the room and is instantly at my side, arms extended, wanting to be picked up.

I swivel my chair and reach out for him as he practically leaps into my lap.

His hands are black from a hard day of play.  His face is covered in a fine dust and he smells of pizza flavored snack mix.  He immediately points at my drink and says "deese!"  It's empty though, so he settles into the crook of my neck and starts to point at the ceiling.  Fan, I tell him, light. 

"Down!" He exclaims and just like that he is off.

My day has ended.  My evening has just begun.