Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a weekend in the woods

Things we did this weekend:
*Had a Friday night fish fry with the bass and bluegill Papa Grizz caught in the lake
*Went on walks
*Got cranberries and craisins at Cranberry Fest.
* Went fishing
* Took a long nap
* Paddle boat rides!
* Played in the leaves and (pretend) cut down trees
* Had beer can chicken off the grill
* Watched the birds
* Read books

Things we did not do this weekend:
* Work on the boys' Halloween costumes
* Get a family picture in front of the Hodag
* Take the pictures posted above

We got up to the cabin for one last weekend before the boys close her up for the winter.  Nothing quite compares to a weekend in the woods.  It does wondrous things for your mind and soul.  Unfortunately this year it has made me way too relaxed, so much so that I haven't even taken the time to snap some pictures documenting our time up there.  The pictures above were all taken when we were up over Labor Day.  Now the trees are changing from green to yellows and brilliant reds.  While I wouldn't say it was peak color, by the time we left on Sunday it was getting close. The air is cooler now, the wind a little brisker.  You need sweatshirts and coats.  But the sun was shining and it felt so good on your skin.  It was a perfect fall weekend.

The Hodag is the symbol of Rhinelander and I had wanted to get a picture of us in front of the big statue when you come in to town each year.  I didn't get that shot this year, but over Labor Day a kind stranger took these off the boys outside of a restaurant downtown.  My phone (camera) had gone dead, so she took them and emailed them to me immediately.  People are good.

The only pictures I did get this weekend were of our paddle boat ride.  It's rare that we get a family picture, with all four of us, so though I didn't get out my camera as much as I should have, I am pleased with what I got.

Until next summer, Cabin. 
May you rest well this winter and be ready for our return in May. 
We know we'll be ready to see you.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun and relaxed! Cas

Patten Family said...

Your life looks so glorious. I am happy you are happy. Your boys are So. Cute. Really they are. I love Hutt-Hutts bald little head. Adorable.

Em said...

Just now catching up on blogs (again)...d'oh! I'm so glad you had one last weekend up at the cabin, and that it was low-key and relaxing. Love the pics you posted from Labor Day!

Gail said...

More important than the photos are the moments created in your hearts! I'm glad you had some fun and quiet family time!

Kate W. said...

I too am just trying to catch up on blogs! LOVE your pictures! It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!