Wednesday, October 5, 2011

apple week

These are the apples from our trees.  Unfortunately they had to be picked before they were quite ripe because our trees are still babies and the weight of these little guys was threatening to break the limbs.  But we've been enjoying them anyway.  Before they were picked the boys would eat them right off the trees.  Keaton, yanking one until it was free. Hutton, biting into it while it was still attached.  Since we picked them they have been in a box in the garage, taken out as snacks and waiting to be made into sauce or crisps. 

Today I'm taking the boys to Lapacek's Orchard to visit my friend and college roommate, Karma, and her family (including Kim!)  I plan to come home with loads more apples, some for eating and some for baking, along with some other goodies like squash and caramel apples and whatever else I find in their store. The rest of this week I plan to do a little apple-ing: coring, slicing, steaming, baking, saucing.  I can't wait.


Amanda said...

Sounds like a great week to me :) Hutt's eyes are SO blue in that picture! Good luck with all your apples

Em said...

I love the visual of Hutt biting into an apple while it's still attached to the tree. Hilarious! :) Hope you had a blast at the orchard and are enjoying the "fruits" of your labor! :)