Tuesday, September 20, 2011


On Saturday morning we met Papa and Bush downtown for the Polish Dozynki Harvest Fest.  I am not a lick of Polish, I'm mostly Swedish followed by German and English, but Collin is nearly 100% Polish (not quite all, but nearly), which makes the boys almost 50% Polish - I like to kid that this makes me, by default, also Polish.

It is important to me that our kids learn about the different customs and traditions from their heritage.  In this house we frequently call mushrooms "grzybys" (GZHIH-bih), potatoes are "bouvlas", and if you call an allspice anything put a "koo baba" (I may have spelled this wrong) we will not know what you are talking about.  One Polish item I have not tried is a pierogi - a dumpling stuffed with potatoes, kraut, meat, you name it.  I had never tired it, that is, until Saturday.  My favorite was the mushroom and kraut.  As I was searching for that link I saw a recipe for pierogis and guess what is now going on my to-do list?

Besides trying our fair share of Polish food there was pumpkin painting, a petting zoo and horse-drawn carriage rides.  The boys loved the carriage ride and Mama loved thinking about what it would be like as a settler, traveling cross country in this little buggy. 

After the festival we packed the kids up and headed east to the mall.  We had two little boys in desperate need of some new shoes and a few more items for their fall/winter wardrobe.  We found some good deals at Old Navy, Keaton picked out an orange fleece this year and Hutt had to have the exact. same. one.   I tried getting him green, he screamed.  So he got orange.  I had big plans for our mall trip but three stores in I realized I was not going to get much more out of either child or Daddy.  And so we got new running shoes for Keaton - he boxed his old ones up and said there are is "owie running shoes" and right then my heart broke, my poor child wearing "owie" shoes for the past few, okay, several, weeks.  And then hit the road.  Well, actually, we hit the restaurant for dinner.

Sunday we went to church, came home for the Packer game and then had a birthday party for a special little 2 year old in the afternoon.  It was a good weekend.  I hope you enjoyed yours as well!

PS My phone has stopped working (AGAIN!!) so I have no access to Twitter or FB from my phone right now.  It's also the reason my Enjoying Today page hasn't been updated recently.  However, I'm going to rectify that at some point today :)


CLAREW said...

I cannot believe youve never had a pierogi! They are AMAZING!!! Have fun making them, it used to be a family tradition on my side.

Gail said...

So many smiles! I LOVE it! (btw - you can link to me anytime!)

CaSondra Shim said...

Love seeing those smiles and cute what Keat said about his shoes although I'm sure you thought different at the moment. Now he is all set to run again. Can't wait to squeeze these boys!

Mama B said...

Sounds like a great weekend Kate, glad you got to go to the festival. I too have never had a pierogi, but learned about them in college and have been meaning to try one!

Em said...

Let me know how you like the pierogi recipe you found. We use Drew's family recipe that has been passed down, and the dough itself is really easy. We love making piergoies on the weekends, especially during this time of year!

Anonymous said...

Yum, pierogi's are awesome. Both Jason's fmaily and my family are very much polish. In fact we were just down in the Dell's a few weeks ago for a polish fest. My mom and grandma make those alot. My brother actually just started making them too. Very good. Jason's mom makes great one's too but my favorite has to be potato dumplings. Yummy!!! I love being Polish. :),
Also, it was so good to see you guys on Sunday. I hope you had a good time at the party. :)

Anonymous said...

So, I am not Polish, and don't know how to make pierogi from scratch. But I buy either the onion or cheese flavored varieties from the frozen section (*gasps* from the Polish-excellent-cooking readers...I'm sorry!) I boil to thaw them, fry on the stove top, cover in a high calorie white sauce & top with veggies. I bet I would be blown away by some made from scratch. -SMX