Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WeDay: Part 2 - Bay Beach

This is the second part of our WeDay from two weeks ago.  Today the boys and I are laying low and I'm trying to fight back the tears.  I have work to finish up for a meeting this week and I'm having a hard time juggling that and focusing on them.  Some days WeDays are hard. Some days, I have to admit, it doesn't feel worth it.  But most days this is our specal time together and so that's what I'm trying to remind myself today, next week will be better...

I first heard of Bay Beach a couple of years ago at a family birthday party and I thought it was a beach, you know, with water and sand. But then they started talking about rides and fun for the kids and that's when I perked up, Bay Beach? What is that? It wasn't until Kelly asked me if the boys and I wanted to meet her and her new Baby Girl there for the afternoon that I learned the full history of the, used to be beach, now amusement park (where the rides only cost $0.25 or $0.50!!.) Of course I told her yes right away, I was dying to see that little girl and also, since first hearing of it two years ago this has been a place I've wanted to take the kids when they were old enough.

Of course "old enough" is a tricky phrase. Hutton is our little daredevil. He climbs on everything trying to get as high as possible, he rides on his bouncy animals with wild abandon, he is what some would call, a little crazy. So when I stuck him in that first boat, right after we had all eaten lunch, I really thought he'd be fine. Oh Dear God was I wrong.

As soon as it started moving he started screaming and trying to get out. Of the boat. That was over WATER.  I ran back to him, the girl operating the machine shut it off as quickly as possible.  As I reached out for him he leapt into my arms.  As I carried him away and settled him down the ride started back up and that's when I heard more crying.

Upon seeing me walk away with his brother and being left there alone Keaton freaked out.  And so there I was, running back in to collect child #2 and thankfully Kelly got it all on film for me.  (Although when Collin saw those pictures he looked at me and said - you left Hutt in a boat by himself??  And that night he proceeded to have a nightmare of our baby being kidnapped. So, good?  Not good?  I don't know.)  After the boat escapade we decided to take a little breather from rides and head over to the playground for a bit where the boys went down slides, climbed through tunnels...

...played with the wood chips...

...and ate a little dirt.  Because really, what playground trip is complete without the sampling of the local mud.

After we spent some time at the playground and all calmed down a little we decided to head back for the rides.  We found this helicopter which was perfect because I could go on it with the boys.  I took Keaton first while Hutt entertained himself with a blue slushy.  But when Hutton saw us boarding the ride he started screaming, not because he was scared but because he wanted to be with us.  So for the second trip we all went together.  And they loved it.

We also hit up the train and the carousal.  These two were perfect because Kelly and Baby C could go too. And so could Hutton's blue lips.

Lest you fear Bay Beach is only for kids and adults can not have fun there, be not thee fooled. Adults enjoy it too.

Keaton spent the rest of his tickets on these cars.  By the looks of the pictures you probably won't believe me that he ran off them asking to go again and that Kelly and I both scraped together our remaining tickets to let him ride one last time, but I assure you, he did. (Seriously, do not be thrown by that frown.)

When I got my two exhausted guys home that night I asked Keaton what his favorite part of the day was and he declared it to be the choo choo ride.  Which I was happy with, because I was really afraid he might have said the mud puddle.

Despite the boat mishap we had a great day, and I can't wait to go back.  Kelly and Baby C., thank you so much for meeting us there!! (PS Your Welcome Baby C gift is in the mail.  Kinda of.  Okay actually it is sitting here still waiting to be packaged up, but it will be in the mail soon.  Promise.  Okay, soonish.)


Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud at your comment that your glad Keaton said he liked the choo choo more than the mud puddle more! And then your pic up him in the mud puddle. Kids suprise you- maybe next year they will do the "boat". Can't wait to see them in OCT! Aunt CaS

Kelly said...

We had such a great time with you and your boys. Let's try and make this an annual event!

Kate said...

Sounds great Kelly! In fact, I was thinking the exact same thing!!

Em said...

Great laugh-out-loud post about this excursion, Kate. The whole double freak-out by the boys on the boats ride totally reminded me of Lucy. She tends to act like she really wants to do those sorts of things, and then completely freaks out once it starts. Having two react that way just makes me wonder what my near future holds on that front... :)