Thursday, September 8, 2011

WeDay: Part 1 - Diggers

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.  Remember those deadlines I have been talking about for, oh?, the past 3 or so weeks?  Well, they're here.  Actually, they have come and gone and I am still not through all of my reports. So sadly we did not have a WeDay yesterday as Mama Bush graciously watched the kids for me so I could work. 

But last Wednesday the boys and I had a great day and because I was up at 5:30 am on Sunday to work and then realized I'd forgotten my internet connection (we were at the cabin) I finally made it though our WeDay pictures.

Collin and Papa have been working on the plans for a new house for the past several weeks.  We weren't exactly sure when "digging day" would be, but when it came Collin wanted Keaton to be there.  And then last Tuesday he came home and said "the digger is coming tomorrow."  So we got up early and picked up Busha and headed to the site.

Daddy and Papa came over as soon as they saw us and I think they might have been just as excited as Keaton was for this day.  Although, Keat was a little nervous at first, clinging to Collin's shoulder, soon enough he warmed up to it and even got to sit up inside the digger.

When the digger needed to get back to work Papa took Keaton into the hole to watch the masons lay the footings.

And of course, no digging adventure would be complete without a little digger of his own.

I think he could have sat right there, playing in the pile of dirt, watching the digger do it's work all day long if we would have let him.  But Daddy & Papa needed to get back to work and we needed to mosey on over to Green Bay for the rest of our day....


CaSondra Shim said...

Aww- I just loved this post so much- it brought tears to my eyes as i love seeing the passion for work/life being passed down from generation to generation.... truly PRICELESS! I love it that the boys (Dad and Col) wanted Keat to be apart of this day!

Em said...

So fun! I bet Tee was totally loving it.

Amanda said...

Boys and their toys...some things never change ;-)