Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soul in the Season: Fall 2011

I’ve been known to wish away summer, to long for cool autumn days where a blanket of crisp leaves covers the ground. This year I tried hard not to do that. Even though we’ve had our share of hot and miserable days we’ve made the most out of this summer and have really enjoyed it. As we moved through August, more than once I had to stop myself and remember to savor the last few weeks, to live in the moment and soak up the last bits of the season, to not jump ahead to fall. I was doing pretty good with this until we went to Papa & Busha’s one evening and she showed me her copy of Better Homes and Gardens, Country Gardens magazine. There were some great articles about seeds and a picture of a gardening shed Collin and I’d like to build in our backyard. But what Busha really wanted to show me were the fall decorating ideas. I flipped it open to see the display of porches adorned with pumpkins, gourds, and mums and the couches accented with burnt orange pillows and suddenly my heart started beating faster. My mind was running 100 miles and minute, the creative juices pumping. I can’t help it. I love fall. I love each season for different reasons and we’re lucky enough to live in an area that we can really participate in all four, but fall, autumn, it’s my favorite.

There’s so much I love about this season, the colors of the trees, the sound of crunching leaves, wearing jeans and sweatshirts, pulling out the crock pot for soups and roasts, ordering a pumpkin spice latte at any time during the day and not needing it iced. But I think what I love most is what this season represents to me, bounty, harvest, thanksgiving.  To me this is a season to reflect on all of our blessings, to slow down, be present, spend quality time together, and prepare for the winter season ahead. 

I have so many things on my Soul Season list for fall.  Some are centered around making memories with the boys, some around the produce of the season, some are purely for pleasure/enjoyment, all of them will help me to live more presently in the season.

  • Go to the apple orchard.  Can apple sauce and make an apple pie (my very first!)
  • Decorate our house, inside and out, for the season. 
  • Host an autumn harvest dinner.
  • Spend Sundays relaxing, watching football, and generally refraining from work.
  • Go letterboxing.
  • Have a pumpkin spice latte (or two.  Or three.)
  • Go to the pumpkin patch.  Carve pumpkins.
  • Take the boys through a corn maze.
  • Make the boys' Halloween costumes.
  • Make homemade apple cider.
  • Use the crock pot often.  Try a new, fall inspired, recipe.
What will you be doing this season?  If you care to write your own list, let me know, I'll link to it on my Soul Season page.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like fall as I don't because it means winter is coming and just the thought of that - makes me NOT like fall. I like it BETTER than I used to, but still don't like it. We do have a date to go to the pumpkin patch though and plans to go to the Apple orchard and maybe we will go to the zoo as it will be finally cool enough to go as Ben doesn't like the heat. It still doesn't feel like fall since our high today is set at 100 degrees. The Water parks will be busy this weekend- hope no one closed their pools already! Oh btw I love the Enjoying today pic- ahhhh daddy and his boys and of course a JOHN DEER! Love CaS

Em said...

Looking forward to reading about your fall adventures! This post definitely added to my excitement of the season. :)