Thursday, September 29, 2011

He likes Reubens

Our little worker - with his chainsaw, tape measure and pencil.

Yesterday I had not one, but TWO dinner dates with friends.  In the afternoon I took the boys downtown to meet Tanya for lunch.  Our meal took awhile to come out and when we were finally done Tanya was running a little late so she got up to pay while Keaton was messing around with one of the video machines.  When he came back to the table and saw that she had left he said "Oh no!  Go bye bye? Tee yove her!"

Then last night I had a dinner date with Amanda, to celebrate her recent birthday.  It was all-around a great day, but I was feeling a little guilty that I was having so much fun and Collin was stuck at work and then at home, solo-parenting.  So, as a surprise I bought him a Dairy Queen cake.

I got home from dinner at 9 pm and found one little boy still up, waiting for Mama.  As we snuggled into the couch to catch the second episode of Revenge I told Collin he could have the rest of my Reuben if he wanted.  Shortly after, Keaton jumped down from the couch and ran to Collin, who was sitting on the floor, nose to nose he says "Tee want some Reuben, Daddy." And so Collin made a deal with him, at the next commercial break go get your pj's on and then we'll warm up the Reuben. 

After jammies Keaton ran back to the living room to made good on the deal and Collin gave him a spoonful out of his bowl.

"Mmmmm, good Reuben." Keaton says.

"What are you eating?" I asked him, since I knew the Reuben wouldn't be eaten with a spoon.

"Ice cream cake."

"More Reuben, Daddy.  More Reuben."

What can we say? The kid likes Reubens.

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Em said...

Hehe...I saw some of the tweets surrounding this post, and I agree that Tee might be disappointed when he realizes that Reubens are quite different from this first introduction. Too funy. :)