Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Weekend

I spend so much time breaking up fights between these two that sometimes I forget that this sibling thing, it is good. When I stepped out of the room last night to switch a load of laundry I gave it 30 seconds before the screaming began. When I walked back in 5 minutes later to find this, my Mama's heart was overcome with joy. Yes, this sibling thing is good.

We'll be heading up to the cabin this evening for one last weekend on the lake before the doors are closed for the winter.  Keaton has packed his tractor shirt to show Mimi and his bear jammies to show Papa Grizz - he says it will make them happy.  When I reminded him this morning of our plans he stood up on the bed and did a little jig - "Tee be happy!  Tee dancing!"

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it- thanks for your support! Love you CaS

Em said...

I hope to have some of those "overcome with joy" moments in witnessing my kids sweet!