Thursday, August 18, 2011

WeDay: Savoring Summer

My alarm went off at 5:30 am yesterday, alarms are not usually allowed on WeDay but I had missed my workouts on both Monday and Tuesday mornings and since my mom was here to help watch the boys yesterday I decided I needed to get up and run.  Except when the time came I wanted to do anything but step foot out of that bed.  At 6 am, after I had hit snooze a few times, the covers were suddenly ripped off of me and there stood Collin, "Get up" he said.  No, I whined, I really didn't want to get out of bed.  But he insisted, get up, go work out, you'll feel better.  And he's right, I did feel so much better after getting out there in the cool morning breeze and getting my heart rate up.  Yesterday I did some speed training.  I'm determined to shave some minutes off of my race time and it felt good to go out there and really push myself rather than just run x amount of miles.

Unfortunately my early morning run didn't quite shake my crappy mood.  Work is busy right now and it's going to be that way for the next two weeks at least.  I realized again this week that I don't handle deadline stress very well, I let it consume me, I think of the worst possible scenarios - late nights, time away from the kids, not getting the work done.  When really I should just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and trudging on, because that's what is going to get the work done, not sitting here fretting about it.  It has become evident lately that I need to learn to focus, learn to put 100% to whatever task is at hand at that moment.  Work during the day, the kids during the evening (and Wednesdays), the house/laundry/dishes/all that other stuff when the kids are sleeping.  I need to be more present.

And so that's what I tried to do yesterday. 

We had a number of errands to run in the morning, the blueberry farm to pick up some more berries for the freezer, the bank, library, and co-op. Then we were off, headed north to meet the cousins at a nearby park.  We had lunch under a small tree and afterwards the kids spent the next 2+ hours climbing all over the equipment, going down the slide, playing in the mock school bus, and running the bases and sitting in the dughouse (dug-out) of the adjoining baseball field.  It was sunny and hot and I had forgotten Hutt's hat so the kids were decked head to toe in sweaty sun screen but it didn't feel quite right to end our day here.  So we went  to the local ice cream stop for cones, shakes, and sundaes. 

Last night we froze some green beans for the winter and made another batch of jam, blackberry this time.  As August plows forward, seemingly picking up speed as she goes, I find myself looking forward to fall.  Which made our WeDay, one in which we savored these last few bits of summer, so enjoyable. 

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