Thursday, August 25, 2011

WeDay: Enjoyment amid stress

It was a Saturday night, the boys had been tucked in bed and we put An Inconvenient Truth in the DVD player.  I must have been under deadline stress at that time too because I remember the way it hit me, like a speeding freight train, putting it all in perspective.  It was one of the scenes where Al Gore is giving a presentation and there is a picture of the earth.  The cameras then pan out so you see Earth surrounded by miles and  miles and miles of dark, nothingness.  Well, atmosphere, but virtually nothing.  As the cameras continue to pan Earth becomes smaller and smaller.  It was then that I thought about my place on that earth, which is so large, but so small when you look at the vast darkness surrounding it, that I realized the stress pulling me down at this moment is beyond minor in the grand scheme of things.  Deadline stress is minor in the grand scheme of things in my own life, let along the grand scheme of things on Earth, or beyond.

Of course that doesn't entirely stop me from freaking out when I have deadlines that I'm never going to hit, but once in awhile it does make me slow down, think things through, realize that missed deadlines are not the end of the world.

So it's interesting that last week, when I was further away from my deadlines and could, at that point, still potentially hit them, I was stressing through our WeDay more than I did this week - when the deadlines are here and there really is no hope.  It all comes down to perspective.

I got up yesterday morning and clocked three hours of work before Collin had even left the house.  Once he was gone I turned it off and spent the day with the boys.  It was a simple day, one I imagine many summer days would be if we had more down-time at home together.  We spent the morning playing in the basement, we met a friend downtown for lunch, we came home and slathered on the sunscreen to play outside, Keaton busy cutting down trees, Hutton learning to walk on the horseshoe pit stoppers like a balance beam.  Later in the afternoon I put the boys in the stroller and walked a couple miles down the road to our neighbor's farm stand.  They both fell asleep a quarter of the way into the trip and it even though it was pretty warm it was so relaxing to be outside, getting a little exercise under a crystal blue sky.  We had chicken breasts and corn on the cob for dinner and then headed back outside - Collin and Keaton working on the play set, Hutton and I watering plants.  Right before we made the boys come in for baths they found the sprinkler and delighted in running through it, coming in the house sopping wet.

Despite the stress I'm under right now it was really a great day.  A reminder of what's important, in the grand scheme of things.

There was nothing but melted ice left in this by the time he got hold of it, but he didn't care because he was drinking WATER out of a STRAW!
All he needs is a job to do and he's happy.


Anonymous said...

ohhh miss my nephews- they are just so adorable!

Em said...

So glad to hear you were able to shut off the stress of the impending deadlines and enjoy your day. It sounds wonderful. :)

Katharine said...

Great reminder about perspective. I could use a little of that right now!

I am SO jealous of the phrase "walked to my neighbor's farm stand" by the way.

Patten Family said...

They are SO DANG CUTE! Love it!