Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Feathered Friends

When we picked the boys up from Collin's parents on Sunday afternoon Keaton came running out to us, wearing nothing but his undies, screeching at the top of his lungs and running around the yard.  I think he was actually happy to see us.  After a couple of laps he grabbed my hand and said "Tee show you."  I don't remember what  he showed me first, there was a whole list of things Tee needed to show us after spending the weekend with Busha and Papa, but one item on that list was his nature box.  A little box Busha has for him to keep all of the treasures he finds while they are out exploring the yard and woods.  In the box there were three bird feathers and when Busha grabbed the bird book Keaton paired the feathers to their previous owners.

This child loves birds.

While Collin and I like them, Keaton's love was inspired by Busha.  As a baby he'd sit in Busha's arms or propped up on the counter as they watched the birds fly in to eat from the feeder that sits right outside her kitchen window.  He'd come home and talk about seeing cardinals and feeding the orioles oranges and it quickly became apparent that he knows more about birds than I do. 

While many "loves" are passed down the generations, from parent to child, the love of birds in this house has been passed up. I've been so much more conscious this spring and summer about keeping our feeders full and one of the things on our spring soul season list was to place some bird houses in the yard (I believe I originally wrote it as bird feeders, but houses is what I meant to say.) Almost instantly after putting them up we had a tenant.  And this spring when we peeked inside we saw that there were at about seven eggs snuggled peacefully in her nest.  The new babies have since hatched and grown enough to leave the house and venture off into the woods on their own, but watching the mama swoop in to feed her littles was one of my favorite daily sights this summer.

Next year we have plans for more houses and more feeders.  My wish, which was inspired by my toddler, is to create a little bird haven on our property to foster Keaton's (and now Mama's) love for our feathered fiends.

This is the last post I have planned for my Spring Soul Season list. Sadly, the remaining items on my list, plant an herb garden and celebrate May Day did not get completed and while we did have fresh flowers at Easter, I did not take a picture. The upside to not completing an item is that I'm very much looking forward to these things next year. 

 Since I skipped over my summer list I plan to post my fall list on September 1st.  I spent some time on Sunday talking about and looking at fall decor with Busha and my heart is about to leap out of my chest just thinking about autumn.  But there are still a couple more weeks of summer that I need to focus on first. 


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CaSondra Shim said...

Yes- I love it that Keat loves Birds too! I LOVE them too! We have our feeders and have so many birds that I fill our feeder everyday! And i love watching the hummingbirds come to the other one! I watch them each morning when I have breakfast and read the Bible- it makes my morning so much more joyful! I LOVE this time of day!

Em said...

Lucy became enamored with birds at Papa and Babcia's house, too. I'd say the same thing has happened here...her interest has, in turn, increased my own. Love the birdhouse idea.

Amanda said...

My grandma was also a lover of birds, her favorite being the cardinal. Although I have not found her love for birds, each time I see a cardinal, I think of her :) Best of luck with your new feathered friends!

Gail said...
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Gail said...

We watch them here too. Grandma and GrandPA (sorry, I'd posted "Grandma and Grandma - not that there is anything wrong with two Grandma's, I just didn't want to mis-speak) got us a suet feeder year before last Christmas. Jacob loves feeding them - I like watching them come in. Especially those Cardinals but, we're rather fond of them anyway. What I don't think is right...how come the boy bird gets to be pretty?