Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Keaton: 2 1/2 years

Dear Keaton,

As of the end of June you are now 2 ½ years old. For the first couple of years we spoke of your age in months, now it is only years. A couple of months ago we said you “will be 2 ½ in June” now you are “2 1/2 “ and in a couple of months you will be “almost 3.” This transition in the way we refer to your age makes you feel so old to me. And when I look at you, hear you speak, and see you interact with others I realize you are getting so old. No longer a baby and moving quickly away from being a toddler, you are becoming Mama’s big boy. At your 2 ½ year well visit you weighed in at 29 lbs, 15 oz. (50%), were 37 inches tall (75%), and had a head circumference of 50 ¾ cm (90%).

Your biggest development in the last six months has been in your language and talking. I just reread the letter I wrote to you after you turned two and see that at that time you were still calling a train “dee dee” I don’t even remember the last time you said that it’s been so long ago. You are talking so much these days, repeating word for word things we say to you, forming (sometimes quite long) sentences and while some words still sound funny you don’t have any “pet names” for things like you used to have for choo choo. Well, I take that back, you do still call Papa Grizz, Pa Drrr, so much so that we call him that as well. And you do still call yourself Tee, however in the past week or so you’ve started saying “Teaton” more and more. You’ve also recently started saying water instead of just wa. Some of my favorite words you say right now are boo-bury (blueberry), ca-no-ya (granola), and My-ya (Maia). While your language skills are still developing there are times when we just can’t understand what you are saying. That’s when you take us by the hand and pull us to the object saying “Tee show you.” The reaction is always the same, Ahhh! you want lettuce (or, fill in the blank with whatever it is you are looking for.) Of course, there are other words, like oriole, that roll of your tongue so easily I can’t help but stop and stare in amazement. You are becoming a little person; one we can have conversations with, right before our eyes.

You have always been a pretty independent little boy, but it has gone into overdrive lately. Everything is “Tee do by self.” Getting into your car seat, cutting your toast, pouring your juice, washing your hands, carrying large toys - you do not want any help, you want to do it all by yourself. It is hard for us to be patient with this at times, especially with the car seat, but we have to force ourselves to take a deep breath and just let you be, even if it takes an extra couple of minutes, because if we don’t the fit you will throw could split the earth in two. And really you are just learning, becoming more in tune with the world around you, so we shouldn’t stifle you because in the end an extra 2 or 3 minutes really is nothing. Of course, I’ll have to remind myself of this again the next time we go for a car ride.

I cannot talk about you at the age of 2 ½ without talking about your relationship with your brother. Oh you two, some days I don’t know what I’m going to do with you guys. The biting, pushing, hitting, screaming, it can be a little much at times. I read an article recently that said the most peaceful family dynamic is one with two girls. I about spit my water out in laughter when I read that because you know what that must mean, right? Two boys, the opposite, is probably the most unpeaceful. I can definitely attest to that. Of course I wouldn’t change our family for the world, I am so thankful to have you two boys. I am so thankful that you will grow up with a brother. After we had you your Dad and I said if we could choose we’d have another boy next, just for that very purpose, because for as much as you fight you also love each other fiercely. You play cars together, laugh at books together, and mimic each other constantly. My wish for you guys is that the bond you share now only grows deeper and deeper, that one day you will not only be brothers, but best friends.

At 2 ½ your favorite toys are anything tractor and your play chainsaw. You love to haul things in your tractors and cut trees down like Papa and Daddy. You are in the midst of potty training and every night before bed you ask for yo, or yo-yo (yogurt), with granola and berries. You love animals, your favorite bird is an oriole and you and Mama Boosh like to take walks to feed carrots to the horsey. You can count to ten but usually miss seven. You can also count in French if we help you along. You’re working on your alphabet, having mastered O and P and a few others, and your colors. Right now everything is green. You love going on tractor rides with Papa (it’s actually the lawn mower, but you don’t care) and can unhook and trailer to unload it by yourself. I was amazed the first time I saw you do this, that thing is pretty heavy. You love nature. Love it. You collect leaves and feathers and acorns and pine cones from the woods and keep them in your nature box. You know the sound of a woodpecker and grasshopper and always stop what you are doing, put your finger up, and say “Mama, woodpecker/grasshopper” when you hear one. You are curious, determined, and usually shy but also love snuggles and hugs and kisses. And thank God for that because I can’t stop squeezing you, you light up my life.

I love you little boy,


Mama B said...

Can't believe how old the boys are getting!

Em said...

Two and a half? I mean, I know that that's how old "Tee" is, but it's kind of hard to grasp that he is such a big boy now. It kinda made me teary, realizing that!

P.S. BTW, I am so glad you do not still count his age by months now that he's older than 2. I think that is the appropriate cut-off as well, so seeing things like 32 and 46 months drive me a bit batty. ;)

Patten Family said...

He is so sweet! I love the little curls he gets from you:)

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet boy- you are growing so big too fast- wait until I get to see you again! I love the pics with his chainsaw! He is such a "hardworker" too as mom always tells me so...
Love Aunt CaS