Saturday, August 13, 2011

6 years

As I pulled the clean laundry out of the dryer and started making piles of folded clothes it became absurdly clear just how much our life has changed in the last six years.  Back then my main task in doing the laundry was to get the smoke smell from the bar we were at last night out of my new jeans.  Now I'm trying to get blueberry stains out of a size 12-month shirt and poop stains out of 2T undies.  Back then we met our friends for dinner and drinks on weeknights.  Now we can pickles and make jam on weeknights.  Back then we traveled to far away places to scuba dive in the ocean and discover new islands.  Now we go to the zoo and ride on choo choo trains.  Back then we were a couple.  Now we are a family.

It's been an amazing six years.  The only thing better than looking back on those memories is looking forward to new ones.  Happy Anniversary, Collin.  Here's to the next 6 years!

Totally random picture from our wedding day, but anyone in that limo can attest to the fact that that might have been the best 1-hour of the entire day. 


CaSondra Shim said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a good weekend celebrating! Love how life changes for the better! It is harder- yet better- more meaningful! Congrats! And Yes- an amazing time singing and laughing in the Limo- I do remember!

Em said...

Look at that good-looking couple! That limo ride was the best. I hope you guys enjoyed your date last weekend. Once again, Happy 6th Anniversary!