Thursday, July 7, 2011

WeDay: Strawberry Style

Kind of. Sort of.  Okay, not really.  But that was our plan!

With the recent crazy weather strawberry season came late around these parts.  While they are usually ripe and ready to be picked by Father's Day weekend this year it wasn't until the week after - right in time for birthday party craziness in this house.  Last week came and went so fast as we were trying to pick up from the party (still not all the way complete) and get ready for the holiday weekend at the cabin that I had no time to run to the patch to even buy some pre-picked berries.  On Friday before we left town Collin stopped at the little stand at the end of our road and bought a quart, which were good eating, but not near enough to restock our freezer of jam.  So that was my plan for yesterday, find some strawberries and have the boys help me make jam. 

Just one little problem, a lot of the patches are all out of berries.  The one place I think we might have been able to find some closed at noon; the boys and I napped from 11 to almost 1 pm, by the time we got there the gate was shut. 

So after running errands we stopped at the little veggie stand down the road and got some fresh peas and another quart of berries.  We couldn't make our jam but we did slice up a cup of berries and made strawberry smoothies.  The next best thing, I suppose.

We rounded out the day with dinner on the grill and sweet corn on the cob.  It wasn't from around here (corn is going to be late this year, too) but it was actually pretty good.  Afterwards we did a little work on the garden.  Collin and I weeded/planted while the boys trampled and pulled.  It was...a little stressful. But they loved playing in the dirt and I'm hoping as the plants grow they will learn to appreciate the work.

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Em said... the pics of the boys enjoying their smoothies and sweet corn. The fresh produce is definitely one of my favorite things about this time of year. I loved the honesty of this post, too. What the plan was vs. what "really" happened. Story of our lives, right? ;)