Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacation 2011: Wildwood Wildlife Park

Next summer, if you're wondering when to expect the heat wave just ask us which week we've scheduled our family vacation.  We seem to have a knack for picking the hottest week of the season.  This week has been hot, hot, hot and without air in the cabin the afternoons have been....well...kinda miserable.  But with the exception of last night the evenings have been nice and we've been making the most of the days with frequent trips to the beach and playing outside in the kiddy pool. 

On Tuesday we packed the kids up and headed to Jim Peck's Wildwood Wildlife Park.  Collin and I both have memories of going here when we were kids.  While many of the places we went to back then have closed, Jim Peck's is still open and going strong.

What I remember most about our trips as kids is petting the deers and porcupines.  Now the first animal you see when walking in are the goats.  And those little buggers are hungry.

The best part of Jim Peck's is that you can get up close with the animals and there is a big variety of animals.  There are farm animals like goats, bunnies and chickens.

And Northwoods animals like bears, deer, and wolves.

And you can feed them.  The bears get special Bear Juice and the deer will eat pellets out of your hand.

We were reminded through that these are wild animals when two bucks got into a tiff right in front of us.  Actually, so close to Collin that he was almost in the middle of it.  While holding Hutt.  We moved past the deer at that point.

There are also "zoo" animals like monkeys, a camel, zebra, and tigers.

Can you see the little monkey in the window?

And then there are the prairie dogs, with the life size prairie dog tunnel.  Like last year's trip, this was probably the highlight for the boys.

I totally want a prairie dog!
The last place we stopped was in the bird house, where you can feed the birds a stick of seeds.  Hutton loved the birds and cried when we wouldn't let him touch them.  Keaton, my bird lover, was a little more hesitant.

We finished the morning with a train ride for the big boys before heading to Paul Bunyan's for lunch.

Eating at Paul Bunyan's is like stepping back in time, eating family-style meals on bench tables off of tin plates and cups. 

We had a great morning and we came home for an afternoon jaunt to the beach, floating in the water and watching the speedboats.  Ahhh, vacation.


Anonymous said...

Your post cracks me up. I love the prairie dog picture. It looks as if you were right in there with them. Ha! And I especially love the "I totally want a prairie dog" comment. You are so funny. We took the boys there earlier this summer. Jason and I also have many memories of that place as a kid. My favorite part too was the bird house. I got a little freaked out at first when we walked in and there were birds buzzing around everywhere, but once you got used to it, it was awesome. Cooper however tried to step on a bird so that was about it for us.
Happy to hear you guys are having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the pics and you have some awesome ones in there- great job! Stay Cool! Love you CaS

Amanda said...

Glad to hear that you're "beating" the heat with fun activities! Vacation is going much too fast for I'm sure it is for you :( Enjoy the rest of your time!

Em said...

I've been thinking of you guys this week with the heat wave. Ugh. :( I'm glad to hear you've been able to make the most of it, though, with beach time. Looks like the boys really enjoyed the animals for the most part. It would probably take Lucy the entire time to warm up to them...she's always so hesitant and scared at first! :)

Amy Bomstad said...

Looks like a nice vacation! Sucks it is so hot but I'm sure it is still nice to get away.

Jill said...

Too much fun - looks like a great place to take the boys and glad you were able to get out and enjoy despite the heat!

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