Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation 2011: A recap

Do you remember returning to your college dorm after a holiday break at home spent relaxing with family and friends; staying up too late talking or playing cards and drinking some wine, doing everything but thinking of deadlines and projects and your internship? You just get back, your car loaded with clean laundry and stocked with new food that you are busy putting away. You're not really thinking about anything in particular, just busying yourself with the task at hand, and out of seemingly nowhere you squint your eyes, your throat closes up and you just want to bawl?

That happened to me last night.

Vacation is over. For a week it felt like the world was put on pause just for our family to enjoy. We had a really great time but all to quickly we are back to the grindstone; back to projects and deadlines and a house to clean and dinner menu's to plan and a yard and garden to mow and weed. I wasn't thinking about all of that as I was standing at the kitchen counter unloading bags. I wasn't thinking of anything, really. Out of the blue it just hit me and I was sad. After spending the week surrounded by family our little unit of four seemed so...small.

Within a couple of days we'll be back to our old routine, which will be both welcome and hated. Our Summer Vacation will slowly fade from reality to memories. Thankfully there are a lot of good memories to hold us through until next year.

This past week we got away and relaxed. We took a couple of day trips - Jim Peck's and a train ride in Laona (post to come) - we saw a water ski show and went swimming at the beach (almost daily.) Keaton caught a turtle and played with his cousin non-stop, I snuck in as much reading as possible, Collin did a little fishing, Hutton ate a lot of sand and got to pet some new animals. After the kids were in bed we spent a few evenings having some drinks and playing some cards. I'm happy to report that the Girls won Euchre 2011!! Oh yeah, put it in the books, woot woot! Kira and I snuck away, or, as the guys call it, "checked-out" for an afternoon and visited a local bookstore and the cutest little coffee shop. That was the hottest day of the week, which was a hot, hot, HOT, week and in one word I'd call it "splendid." It was some much, much needed girl time. The boys also got to "check-out" a couple of days later to go fishing.

I wish I would have taken my camera out more and had the chance to go kayaking, but thankfully there will be plenty more trips to the cabin. Plenty more trips that I'm already day-dreaming about.


Em said...

Welcome home. I hope that you're transitioning back okay. Those first couple days back are always brutal! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, though, and made great memories with the kids and extended family. Also, yahoo! for girl time with Kira! :)

Jill said...

Glad you had a great time on vacation - much needed, I'm sure! I'm so jealous! :) But I'll be on "vacation" soon too.

amanda said...

I know it's a few months late, but I had to post something. Ummm, forget the dorm room...we used to cry all the way back to the 'Sha! Well, when we weren't singing! <3