Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This and That

This weekend I finally declared defeat and decided to get someone in here to help clean the house.  I bitched and moaned about how I just. can't. do. it. anymore.  Collin is on board.  I have the number of someone I know and trust.  But I'm too chicken shit to actually make the call.  I hate telephone talking!  So instead I've been busting my ass in the evenings/whenever the kids are semi entertained to try to get a lot done. I don't want to leave this house a mess before we take off on vacation.  So far, I've cleaned the mudroom and kitchen, quickly vacuumed, and worked on laundry.  There is still so much to do.

Speaking of vacation, why does there have to be so much pre-trip work?  And post-trip work?  I hate that part of it.  Keaton needs a haircut, Hutton needs a pair of shoes, our car needs a new battery, bills need to be paid, we need to get some cash from the bank, I need to pick up a book from the library, we need to line up someone to come water plants and feed the cat.  Oh, and packing.  And the cleaning clothes to pack.  And the Target runs.  And the making sure Maia has her tick medicine on.  The List! It goes on and on and on.

On Saturday Collin and I each took a kid to run errands.  Keaton chose to come with me to get an oil change,Target, the bank, the post office, the farmer's market, Starbucks, and the meat market.  He was a great companion except for the fit he threw when I tried to get him back in his car seat after the oil change.  While we were inside paying our bill a brand new Cadillac Escalade pulled up and left me about 3 inches of space to squeeze him in the car.  The guy had his window down and asked if I needed him to move over but I said no, we were fine.  And that's when the fit throwing began.  Because he wanted to climb up into the seat himself.  But there wasn't room for him to do that and me stand behind him with the door open to make sure he didn't fall.  So he screamed and thrashed and I tried calming to get him to settle down all the while I just wanted to yell, Don't you dare fucking hit that new Caddy!!!  (with the owner inside!) Then after the meat market I accidentally pinched his leg with the belt buckle.  Still, when I asked him who you was going to go with next time, Mommy or Daddy, he said Mama.  It was probably because of Starbucks.  Kid loves him some Iced Caramel Macchiato.

The rest of our Saturday was spent going to a birthday party.  Except when we got there there were no cars and the garage door was shut.  Collin immediately looked at me and said "Bender?" I called Tanya and guess what!  birthday party was on Sunday.  Opps.  We were only 23 hours early.  Notice we weren't 24 hours early, oh God no, we were an hour late, but 23 hours early.  So instead we came home and made dinner and after baths we made popcorn and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

Because we just had our carpets cleaned before Hutton's birthday party we instituted a new rule: popcorn has to stay on the green blanket. And you have to have your hands washed before leaving the green blanket.  Keaton was very good at following the rules.  Hutton, on the other hand.  More than once I uttered, I realize you're only one, but this rule applies to you too!  And then he ran away from me with fistfuls of popcorn giggling up a storm.

Speaking of Hutton' birthday, I'm in the process of writing his 12-month post and there will be a birthday party post to come but I hired a professional photographer (Auntie Cas!) to take pictures at the party (and do his one-year shots) because I never have time to man the camera during the parties, so I'm waiting to get those before finalizing the posts.

I took these pictures of Keaton wearing Collin's shoes back in April, I think.  His hair looks so dark in them.  It has really lightened up in the sun.  


Anonymous said...

love the pics! And i am almost done with Hutton's Pics!!! Will send them soon :) CAS

Amanda said...

Funny how it's so much work to go on vacation and then so much work when you get home! Have fun on vacation and RELAX :)

CLAREW said...

Enjoy your vacation!
You seriously need to write a book (in your spare time:)

Em said...

That's what I always hate about vacation, too...the pre- and post-work. :( I hope that your week away is enjoyable, though!

I loved the visual of Hutton running away with popcorn in his fists giggling. Priceless!

Love the pics of Keaton in Daddy's shoes...sooo cute!

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