Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Perfect Summer Day

Have you ever had one of those days, be it spring, summer, winter, or fall, that completely embodies everything about that season?  A day you'd like to hit the record button on and then replay it over and over and over? That was this past Saturday for me.  It was a perfect summer day.

I mentioned in my last post that Collin and I are back in training.  But we aren't the only ones who have been training. Oh no.  A certain little guy who stands about 3 feet tall has also been clocking the miles.  Last year Busha and Auntie Bea participated in Walk Wisconsin, completing the half marathon distance.  They loved it and this year Busha wanted Keaton to join her for the Kids Walk Wisconsin.  

Busha started walking with the boys this winter, before the weather was even remotely nice.  They'd bundle up in snow gear and put Hutt in the stroller or sled and walk down to the end of the road.  When they started training Busha thought Stink would walk the 1.3 mile distance, but as the weather got better and their walks turned into 3-mile "biiiiig walks" (as Keaton calls them) they decided to go all out and do the 2.6 mile route.  So on Saturday we all joined them, Collin and I took turns pushing Hutton in the stroller and Busha and Papa walked alongside Keaton.

About mid-way though he got a little distracted and started wandering off the road.  I was a little frustrated.  I just wanted him to listen to us and keep trudging ahead with the walk instead of his diddle daddling. He was testing our patience as he poked around and picked up sticks and dandelions. We finally got him back on track when we saw the orange cone, which was the halfway marker.  With promises of banging on that cone with a stick he rejoined us.  As we turned to make the 1.3 miles back a man with three young kids, one on his shoulders, walked past us and said "you know, he's got it right, we should all slow down and enjoy life a little."  And you know what, we should.

With that we walked back past the play ground, over the bridge, and through the park where we saw ducks with their ducklings and geese.  The trees shaded us from the heat of the mid-day sun during the final leg and the breeze felt great as we walked along the river.  We finally made it to the finish line where the kids were awarded with medals and popsicles for a job well done. 

After the walk Papa & Busha picked up pizza and we met them for a picnic in the park (another park, different from our walk park but for those in our wedding it was our "picture park" )  Busha gave Keaton a Congratulations card and wrote about all of her favorite moments on their walks.  Some of my favorites were:

"Seeing you get stronger as you walk to the first mile...(you know that your Daddy also walked the same road you are...)"

"Teaching you not to be afraid of bugs - Keaton, do you want to pick up the caterpillar? "You Busha." We are still working on this."

"Singing songs while we walk..."What does a cow say?....What does a tractor say?...What does a Keaton say? 'Hey Mama Bush!'"

"You just started 'sprinting' at times on the walk, of course it is to keep up with the tractor that is plowing next to the road."

"peeing in the tall grass"

"Giving Hutton a dandelion you picked...and finally"

"Holding Busha's hand as we walk together."

Next goals: Keaton walk around the block (5 miles) / Hutton - walk to Busha

After lunch we headed to the beach where the boys splashed around in the river and played in the sand.  And of course no summer day is complete without ice cream.

Around 2 pm we brought two tuckered out boys home and tucked them into bed, where we joined them for the next two and half hours.  That evening we made popcorn and all watched Gnomeo & Juliet - a super cute movie for the family (I now want a garden gnome.)

Yes, I could hit replay on this day and it would never get old.


Mama B said...

Sounds like a picture perfect summer day!

CLAREW said...

Priceless - what a great memory!

Em said...

I love this memory, and what Busha wrote to K in his card made me tear up. She does the neatest things with/for the boys! So very sweet.

Anonymous said...