Monday, May 16, 2011


Weekends go too fast.  I think weekends should be a standard three days long.  Although if I had three days I'd plan four days worth of activities and then I'd still be complaining that the weekend is already over?  How can that be?  Weekends should be four days. 

Isn't that typical, to always want more of whatever it is we have.  More time.  More money.  More wine and chocolate.  Wait. What?  You don't wish for more wine and chocolate? 

Friday was Collin's 31st birthday.  Although I did not buy him a tangible gift, I did give him the gift of an unplanned weekend.  And then I proceeded to ask him 50 million times over the past two weeks "what do you want to do this weekend?" "Have you made a decision about what you want to do for your birthday weekend?"  So in the end I'm not sure how well that really worked for him.  Although he did do an excellent job of avoiding my question and we did end up with just want I gave him, a weekend of NO plans.  

So Friday night we celebrated with sushi (mac and cheese for the kids) and a movie, Unstoppable.  And the children were gracious enough to sleep through the entire thing.  It must have been their birthday present to Dada.  We rather enjoyed the movie.  It was nice to have a suspense-type-Speed movie that did not involve bombs or terrorists. 

On Saturday morning Collin woke up bright and early, while the boys and I slept in, to bring a lawn mower to a tenant.  A tenant who needed a lawn mower on Thursday and then bought one on Friday. It was a completed wasted 40-min round trip.  Although he did see the town-wide garage sales so maybe not completely wasted.

It's kind of hard to see but if you look very closely there is a plant there.  One of two new hydrangeas.

After breakfast we loaded the boys up to run some errands.  Bank #1.  Bank #2. Gyros to go. Lunch in the park.  Garage sale-ing (where we found very little.) Sports store to get some info on bike trailers. Starbucks. And the nursery.

As is typical I have one picture with kid #1 looking and one picture with kid #2 looking. Oh, and Maia decided to look for this one too.  The window above them is my office.

Collin's original plan for my Mother's Day gift was to buy two plants or shrubs to put on the outside of our driveway, so I could see them from my office window.  But last Wednesday we went to Papa & Busha's for a Mother's Day cookout where the boys (Busha) gave me a beautiful purpley-blue plant (see above.)  Busha is awesome at feng shuing and she said it (blue) would be perfect for the East side of the house.  This gave me a new idea.  Instead of two shrubs to see from my window, I wanted to plants to go below my window.  Two hydrangeas.

We decided this would be my "Mother's Day Garden."  And I'm hoping to add a bird bath or maybe a bird feeder next year.  Collin loves to garden, so while this may seem like it was a weekend about me, he was actually in his glory.  He also planted a plant my aunt gave him for his birthday while we were in Milwaukee last weekend.  And I think he's decided for his actual birthday and Father's Day gift he'd like to get two more apple trees.

On Sunday, we took the boys for a stroll in their new ride.  This guy fussed at the beginning and we were afraid he hated it, but I think his real problem was that he was just tired.  Oh, yeah, we just went to the sports store to look at trailers.  But then we came home and I checked Craigslist and I found this guy about a half hour away for only half the price.  It's an older model but they just replaced the wheels and the stroller attachment and it is in really good shape - we're so excited to do some biking this summer!

Sunday night we made steak fajitas while Keaton quietly took the bag of marshmallows into the living room.  When the toddler is silent you can pretty much guaranty there is going to be a mess to clean up.  He strolled into the kitchen, grabbed Collin's hand and took him back to the living room where he proudly told Dada, Marshmallows!

What did you do this weekend?  And have you watched any good movies lately? I need to update our Netflix queue.


CaSondra Shim said...

I'm glad you guys got to "relax" this weekend and spend some time in the Gardens- Yes Collin does love to Garden- I think are whole family does. Can't wait to see you guys next month!!

CLAREW said...

His birthday weekend sounds perfect! Although I would be stressed out trying to make plans as well :)

Em said...

Your weekend sounded great! I'm glad Collin enjoyed himself. And I love your Mother's Day garden idea...that's going to be so special. And I LOVE blue hydrangeas!

Jill said...

We had a crazy week and then relaxed on the weekend, however Andy & I were able to sneak away for a few hours to enjoy 4th row seats to the Tim McGraw concert in Peoria...yeah...I love that man! I was pretty stupid though and forgot my camera and we're still not up with the times to have I-phones, so ugh...but I do have some nice memories of him in his leather pants! :)

Rest of of the weekend was kind of uneventful...figured out what we needed for summer clothes for the kids and shopped for them (and washed them) - kind of a chore, but good to get done!

Happy belated B-day to Collin! It sounds like it was a very enjoyable weekend...sometimes not have plans is the best can just tinker! Congrats on the Craigslist find (I need to start searching that again) and good luck with your Mother's Day garden - sounds like a great idea!

Jill said...

Oh, I also forgot to include in my post...not really a new movie (cause we never get to theatres anymore), but we watched Disney's Tangled this weekend and it was AWESOME! It was probably a little scary for my kids, so I would wait to show them for awhile (we still fast forward through the Dr. Facilier parts in Princess & the Frog), but it was a great story and very entertaining for both Andy and I. Two thumbs up! :)