Friday, May 27, 2011

Singing in the Rain....

Mimi has been here this week watching the boys for us because Busha threw her back out last week and we thought the break would do her good.

Before the storms hit on Sunday night the weather here was beautiful.  And Monday and Tuesday were also really nice.

Our plan for Wednesday, my day off, was to pack the boys up and go shopping for flowers.

Instead of buying hanging plants this year my mom said she'd help me plant our own.

Of course, Wednesday, the only day I can spend outside, was nasty.  Cold. Windy. Rainy.

 But we went out and got those flowers anyway. Instead of planting them out in the sun we set up camp in the garage.

As I was getting stuff together to plant I thought "what a crappy day." And then I thought, "no, what a perfect day!"

perfect day to get out the rain jacket, boots, and umbrella.

A perfect day to go signing and playing in the rain.


Anonymous said...

Love the attitude change! YEs- singing in the rain as that seems to be ALOT of what we are getting- not getting used to it- but just have to adapt with it! Love his little rain gear! And the adorable dinasour umbrella! Love you CaS

Jill said...

Yes, great spin on a rainy day! My kids are excited for sunny weather, so they have been using beach gear, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc. in the house on the rainy days! All that matters is that they're having good, clean fun!

Em said...

I love that rain gear he's sporting. Definitely will have to get some for Lucy, because I love the idea of singing in the rain and splashing in the puddles. :) (Plus, Mama wants some rain boots, too, just to make Drew roll his eyes...every time I point them out, he thinks I'm NUTS!) :)