Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Name that Day

I have two more Easter posts to write and actually have the 'coloring eggs' post in the works and about finished but today was Wednesday, the day formally known as Keatsday, the day that I think needs a new name. This is my subtle way of telling you, I need suggestions!  The past few, okay, several, Wednesdays have been less than stellar.  There has been a lot of nap refusal, Mama loosing her temper, and wishing of the day away.  But today?  Today the sun was shining, it was one of very few nice spring days we've had so far this season and the boys and I took advantage of it.  Today was so nice that I had to put my Easter posts aside and tell you about it.

I've decided that Wednesdays are going to be sleep-in/snuggle till we wake up, no alarms sorts of days and that's just how this one started.  After breakfast and a shower the three of us headed out for Hutton's 9:30 am doctor appointment.  I hadn't worried about taking the boys to the appointment by myself; I'm not sure if this is true for others but it seems that whenever I do worry, there is no need to, and whenever I don't worry, I should have.  This was a should have sort of day.  Keaton wanted to play on the doctor's chair and eat puffs and Hutt just wanted to crawl, let me CRAWL, woman!!  There was screaming and fit throwing and that was BEFORE the doctor even walked in.  Thankfully he, mostly, kept their attention and they settled down while he was checking Hutt out.  Although I still got a "I think you're going to have your hands full today, Mom" from one of the nurses.

So I'm not quite sure why I decided to haul the kids to the post office, library - where I found out I'm #15 on the waiting list for the book I wanted - and Target - to buy the damn book instead - following the appointment.  But I did.  I chanced it. And the boys were so well behaved, in stark contrast to that hour in the doctor's office, that I got an ice cream treat for after naps.  And by the time I got home both kids were sleeping.  Woo! So I got my lunch and took my new book and sat in the sun on the deck.  It was bliss. 

When the boys woke up I brought lunch outside for them as well.  I hope to do this often this summer.

After lunch I packed them up in the wagon, found Maia's leash and we were off to "see big trac(tors)".  We walked down to one stop sign and then we walked back and walked almost all the way down to the other.  We saw a big tractor going up and down the rows in the field, we saw a school bus, and we saw lots of other trucks and cars.  Keaton was pleased.  When we got home Keats played in the yard for awhile before I had to (literally) drag him in because Hutt so desperately needed a nap.  Shortly after we came in Collin came home so Keaton got to go back outside while Hutt and I made dinner.

Speaking of dinner, it's been awhile since I've had a What's for Dinner, Wednesday.  See, I haven't been doing a lot of meal planning, or cooking, or, well, even grocery shopping lately.  First it was because we were hosting Easter so we wanted to clear out the fridge.  Then it was Easter left-overs.  This week it was, we didn't get home until 6:30 pm on Sunday night and we're going to be gone again this weekend so what's the point of grocery shopping we'll just make due.  Tonight we actually had left-over BBQ pulled pork that I had stuck in the freezer last time I made it.

After dinner Collin took Keaton back outside while I got Hutt ready for bed.  Tonight I've cleaned the mud room, put clothes away and started on the boys' laundry.  Oh, and I finished Chapter 1 of my book.  I'm so loving reading lately, I forgot just how much I enjoy this hobby. 

It was a good day.  A fun day.  An exhausting day.

A day that needs a new name.


Jill said...

Kind of silly but it popped in my head as I was reading this - could be "TON" o'fun day since you have KeaTON and HutTON. :)

Glad you had an enjoyable's always such a feel-good when you have those days! (I need one of those to appear soon because I have been too cranky and hormonal with my kids lately!)

CLAREW said...

So sweet, it's easy to over look the greatest blessings in our day sometimes. Thank you!
Ps - I like TON of fun day!

Em said...

Ok, so I've been thinking about this ever since you first posted, and nothing great has come to me, unfortunately. I do like 'ton of fun' day, but I'd hate for you to feel limited to that name as your family grows, in case future siblings' names don't end in 'ton'. Also, what about the Wednesdays that don't end up being that fun? Well, that's not exactly what I mean. I know the point is to try to have more fun and not worry about all the chores that need to be done on that day, but I'd also hate for it to be something that has to live up to a certain standard. Really, it should just be about quality time together--no matter what you decide to do--even if there's no particular fun activity planned. I keep thinking along the lines of "Mama and Me" Day (could work for multiple kids) our "We-Day" as a play on Wednesday, but just to show that it's about togetherness...I don't know. Mine all sound dumb, but I really like where you're going with this! :)