Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter 2011: Coloring Eggs

One of the best things about the boys getting older is being able to introduce them to all of our favorite holiday traditions from our own childhood.

I vividly remember sitting around our kitchen table, crayons splayed every which way, a vinegar/water/tablet mixture in each of the cups making the colors come to life.  I always drew flowers on my eggs.  Flowers and the sun and grass; a spring-time scene.  And names.  There was always a special egg for each family member and usually for the pets as well.

This year Mimi and Papa Grizz were here for our egg coloring adventure.  Keaton sat and watched Pa Grizz patiently as he made a special egg for everyone that was going to be at our Easter lunch and also for Maia.

When I thought about dying eggs, or any other holiday tradition for that matter, I thought about how much fun I'd have introducing it to the boys.  What I didn't think about was how much fun they would have doing it. And realizing how much fun he was having - coloring, dipping, retrieving - well, it made the experience that much better.

I was surprised at how gentle Keaton was with each egg.  Gentle, that it, until he clanked the first one and we all gasped and then laughed.  Then he thought it was funny and started tossing them into the cup harder and harder each time.  

Miraculously, none broke.  And when we were done we had two cartons of brightly colored Easter eggs all ready for our egg hunt the next day.

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Em said...

Hehe...I had to laugh when I read the part about Keaton throwing the eggs harder and harder into the cup to get a laugh (or so he thought). Classic! :) Looks like the eggs turned out great!