Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter 2011: Baskets and Egg Hunts

This post is coming extremely late.  So late that it seems stupid to even write it.  But I have to because some day (who knows when) I want to put together a digital photo album for the kids and the only place I'm documenting anything is here.  So if I don't write it here, it won't be written anywhere.  Better late than never, right?  Maybe?

We'd been talking about the Easter Bunny in the weeks leading up to Easter, and especially about the choo choo that he might be bringing, in hopes that Keaton would remember come Easter morning. He didn't remember Santa, but he did remember the leprechauns so I thought our chances of him remembering the E. Bunny (as he says it) were good.  What I hadn't factored into the equation was that Mimi and Pa Grizz would be here, which means bed time would be  missed. 

Easter morning Keats woke up and was obviously groggy.  We had to remind him that there might be a surprise waiting for he and Hutton in the living room.

When he walked out there and saw the baskets he was a little uncertain at first.

But then that promised choo choo caught his eye.

He proceeded to take his basket to the middle of the living room floor and take each item out one by one.  His owl, a book, new pjs, a rain coat and umbrella, a Thomas painting book, and a new car.  He didn't really stop to look at anything, just one by one the items went from his basket to the floor.  Then, once the basket was good and empty, he dug in.

Meanwhile, Hutton played with each new thing before taking another item out.  His owl (which was made by the ever fabulous, Kim, I highly suggest checking out her Etsy stores.)... 

...a new book, A Home for Bunny...

...and a new car that he can call all. his. own.  No more of his big brother taking them all from him.  Hutt also got a beach towel, new jammies, and a Haba Flapsi.

Even more fun than the baskets was reminding Keaton he should go check the carrot that he left out for the Easter Bunny.  

He was so intrigued and curious and cautiously excited.  Mimi!  The E. Bunny ate carrot!

Shortly after baskets our family started arriving for our Easter lunch.  Mimi and Pa Grizz were already here but Busha and Papa came and Aunt Bea and Uncle Buck and Aunt Kira and the kids.  The H bombs are so adorable together.  Hutton loves his cousin and is constantly trying to open mouth kiss her.  Actually, Keaton rather loves her too.  While he'll head butt and yell at Hutt he only has kisses and coos for Little Bee.

The Easter Bunny hid lots and lots of eggs for the kids so before lunch we decided to head out for an egg hunt.  We have not had a very nice spring around these parts but Easter Sunday was gorgeous.  

Blue skies, sun shining, and decently warm.  It was a perfect morning for an egg hunt.

Mr. Keaton is our serious child.  He does things diligently and with purpose.  When there is a task to be done he does it with focus and he will not be distracted until it is complete.

Even a task such as an egg hunt.

Hutton, on the other hand, while equally curious and active, lives life for the adventure.  I would not be at all surprised if his first words were Woo Hoo!!!  *fist pump*

After the egg hunt we went inside for lunch but it was way to beautiful to stay inside. So afterward we headed back out and even through they were in their Easter outfits, we let the boys run wildly through the mud puddles.  Over and over and over.  Keaton's shirt is still slightly stained and I'm pretty sure I found mud in his diaper.  But boy did they have fun.

Later that afternoon, before conking out for naps, Papa took the kids on several wagon rides.  You could say they were a wee bit happy.  Okay, they were pretty much in heaven. These boys, that will fight to no end over things inside, will willingly share sippys and toys while in a wagon.

I'm so thankful for the gorgeous day.  For the time spent with family.  For the Easter memories.


Jill said...

Looks like an awesome the Easter egg hunt pics!

Amanda said...

Awesome holiday family fun!!! I just love reading about all the lovely memories :)

CaSondra Shim said...

awww so happy you posted!!! I wish I could have been there- they are precious moments!

Em said...

What a GREAT Easter! Looks like it was a wonderful day filled with precious memories.