Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Hutton: 10 Months

Dear Hutton,

At the end of April you turned 10 months old. We are so nearing the 11-month mark that I had decided not to write this letter. I decided I’d combine your 10-and 11-month letters into one. And I was okay with that, for about 0.1 seconds. Then the guilt started setting in. I never missed a monthly letter to your brother during his first year. Even if it was late, I always wrote one. I imagined you flipping through your scrapbook that I intend to make with all of these letters with highlights from the year and you coming to your combined 10-11 month page and I cringed. And decided I couldn’t do it. I had to write this. Even if it is really, really late.

A couple of days after you turned 10 months old I took you to the doctor for a well-baby check-up. This would have typically occurred at the 9-month mark but because of my recent job change we were without insurance from February 12th until May 1st. Yes, I know the specific dates. That is because every day during that two and a half month period I said at least once, please stop doing that, we don’t have insurance! Or, please, please don’t get sick, we don’t have insurance! Both you and your brother did get sick during that time, but thankfully not serious enough to have to take you in. And although there were a number of close calls, we had nothing that brought us rushing to the doctor trying to explain, well, we’re in between coverages right now. I cannot put into words how thankful I am to have made it through that time. But anyway, at your appointment you weighed in at 19 lbs 10 oz (25%), were 28 inches tall (25%), and your head circumference was 47 ½ cm (90%.) Just like your brother you have a huge head. What I was so happy to see is that you jumped up a percentile in height; moving from 5-10% up to 25%. Your head circumference also increased from 75% at 6 months. And weight is holding steady at 25%. This growth, head, height, and then weight is exactly what the doctor told us to expect out of Keaton and you seem to be following suit. It’s hard to compare your current stats to your brother’s, as his were taken at 9 ½ months, but it appears you have now surpassed him in all measurements.

Although we have not had a very nice spring, the temperature has been chilly and for much of the month there was snow on the ground, we’ve been able to squeeze in a few walks with the dog and wagon rides. You LOVE the wagon. While you’ll fuss and whine in the stroller you sit perfectly in the wagon. Sometimes you hold onto a sippy cup or toy and other times you just sit back and take in the scene. I’m also always surprised at how well you and Keaton get along during these rides. You two will fight over toys non-stop in the house, usually it’s because he doesn’t want you touching anything, but sometimes it’s you who’s asserting your displeasure, but in the wagon it’s different. You laugh and babble at each other, you share toys and he picks up your sippy if you drop it. It’s actually quite a joy to see you together in there.

Speaking of your sippy, this reminds me, we’ve remedied the bottle strike during the day by putting your milk in a sippy. In fact, you’re pretty much done with bottles. I haven’t actually put them away yet, but I should because we haven’t used them in many, many weeks. I think you like the independence. Same thing goes with food, you love puffs and the little bites of pancakes and bread we’ve given you this month, simply, I believe, because you are feeding yourself.

At 10 months old you’ve suddenly become interested in climbing up the stairs. You’re still eating mostly purees and I think the only new food I made this month was potatoes and asparagus, both of which you ate like a champ. The nursing is going much better this month than last – I’ve decided not to push you too much during the day, if you feel like nursing great, if not I pump and put it in a sippy. At night, especially before bed, you always nurse with no problem. We moved you into 9-12 month clothes right at the end of the month and they fit perfectly. You’re still waking up in the middle of the night and making your way into our bed and your daytime naps have gone from bad to worse. It’s frustrating and I feel bad for Busha. You are a big Mama’s boy and you love to snuggle. And I absolutely love that. And I love you.

You’re getting too big too fast little boy, but I’m enjoying every second of it.


CLAREW said...

They are growing tooo fast!!! Glad to hear he's doing great!

Em said...

Well, this is the 3rd time I've tried commenting on this post. Let's hope it works, finally! Thanks for posting this letter for Hutt; I enjoyed reading it, and it inspired me to finally finish Lucy's 12-month letter. I needed that kick in the pants!

James said...

What a great idea! Stumbled across this blog accidentally, but was so touched by this post I had to comment. It's weird to think that every person in the world has or had a Mom, and that most of those Moms, whether they wrote about it or not, took such joy in the small victories of their infants. Makes you wonder why so many people grow up ungrateful. I'm sure Hutton will love to read this when he gets older. I'm gonna go call my Mom.