Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday: Tom's Drive In

This afternoon we had Hutton's 9-month picture appointment and since Collin was taking off of work to come with me and The Lullabye Shop was having an anniversary sale we thought it be a good time to head over and look for a new bed for Keaton.

We moved Hutt into the nursery/boy's room over the weekend but because we didn't have a second bed he is still in the pack-n-play.  We debated and debated whether we should get Keaton a toddler bed or step right up and get a twin or double.  Since we hope to have more children we decided the toddler bed was the better option for us right now.  We're thinking once the boys get old enough we'll actually get them bunk beds and we can't afford that right now nor do we have space for them.  So Keaton got a new bed and mattress (which I plan to put in the crib for Hutt since Keaton has jumped on his and I feel safer having the baby have the newer/firmer mattress.  Although my "baby" is over 9 months old, so maybe it doesn't even matter at this point.)  The shop sold an organic mattress but our checkbook said "No.  Uh uh.  No way." So I convinced Collin to get an organic mattress cover instead. 

Say what you want about whether or not going organic for your mattress/cover/sheets is necessary, I'll tell you what, that shit is SOFT.  After getting the bed we went to Babies R Us to get a couple more sheets and it wasn't until AFTER all this that I opened up that mattress cover and wished I would have sprung for organic cotton sheets as well. 

Anyway, all of this to say, I made dinner last night, round steak with mashed potatoes, and while it sat waiting patiently for us in the crock pot, it turned 6 pm in Appleton and my stomach flipped a switch that said, "activating bitch mode in 3, 2, 1..." and I told Collin, we need to stop and get a snack because I'm getting grouchy.  Here's a little thing about me, I become Katie KaBoom when I don't eat on time.  So we stopped at Tom's Drive In and Collin ran in and got us a few burgers for the road while I tried, unsuccessfully, to nurse Hutt in the car.  FAIL.  More on THAT later (probably in his 9-mo post.)

From the really brief reading I did on their website it looks like Tom's is a local thing.  We've never been there before but will definitely stop again.  Burgers were cheap and Goooood!  Of course, our "snack" became "dinner" and our round steak is still waiting patiently for us to eat tonight.

What did you have for dinner?


Em said...

Haha...Katie KaBoom. We are so much alike. Although I don't know what rhymes with Ember that means explosion...oh well. Anyway, I'm the exact same way and HAVE to eat on time...or else. This exact same situation has happened to us before (with dinner waiting for us in the crockpot at home), but I needed to eat THEN. :)

Also, I'm so with you on the toddler bed thing. I think it actually makes a lot of sense for your situation.

Amy Bomstad said...

Mmmmm! I LOVE Tom's! We have them where I grew up and oh how I miss it. Love their hamburgers!