Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Easter Guessing Game

I've been butting heads with this kid non-stop lately.  I think it is largely due to us having the same personalities.  And the fact that he is two.  This morning I was cleaning chicken to put in the crock pot and every time I turned around he had laid another dishcloth/towel on top of the raw chicken.  I am batty about raw chicken, I do not want it touching anything! Especially not my clean dish towels.  After the 3rd towel I yelled "Go!" and he looked at me and without flinching said "No! You go, Mama!" and I yelled back "NO.  YOU GO!" and then Collin walked in and I realized the ridiculousness of the situation - I was cat fighting with a 2-year old. 

Tonight before bed I hugged Keats and said, "I'm sorry we had such a bad day, Buddy." And he nodded his head and repeated "bad day." 


When I stop and just take this kid in, when I watch him grab a dish rag and start cleaning the counters, or listen to him "read" himself a book before nap, or when I ask him what he did today with Busha and he says "play cars. Outside with Pa." I am reminded how much I love this child.  Stubborn 2-year old streak or not, this kid lights up my life. 


Keaton is really into birds these days.  He likes to watch them out the window, feed them bread crumbs, and check on his birdhouses for eggs.  When I was thinking about the Easter guessing game I wanted to have here I instantly knew what the question would be. 

First person to correctly comment guessing Keaton's favorite bird will win a little Easter gift from me. 

He likes them all, but what do you think is Keaton's favorite bird? 


amanda said...

I'm going to guess a blue jay. I don't know why I think this, but it was the first thing that came to mind!

Jill said...

I'll go with cardinal. That's the easiest one for my kids to pick out with the color!

April said...

I'm going to guess Robin because they are my favorite sign of spring!!

CaSondra Shim said...

I know he loves Cardinals and Orieols! Busha tells me all about how he "talks" about them all the time. They both share this love of birds for sure! Hang in their Kate- your a great mom and yes- the little things can get under our skin- it is all how we deal with the situation that matters.

Kelly said...

Hi, I know you don't know me but I found your blog through Kira's. I actually went to EHS and of course had your mom as my teacher as well as played soccer with Justin.

Anyways, I also have a little 2 yr old (1/14/09). She went through the same stage that you are talking about and I remember how I would watch the clock just counting down the minutes until bedtime. I hope to bring your mind some ease when I tell you that she is now out of this phase. I also have two other children... a 4 yr old little boy (4/10/07) and a 1 yr old little boy (3/23/10). My husband and I now feel like our daughter is the easy one. Ha! My oldest went through a stage where he was getting a little sassy/snotty and was constantly pushing my buttons. We went through a good 2 weeks that I thought I may just have to go on a vacation to get away from him for a little bit. Once again... it was a phase and has now passed... THANK GOODNESS. I guess I just want to let you know you aren't alone and don't feel bad for losing your cool. We all do it and guess what... our kid's move one and we didn’t screw them up for life. Haha. Good luck with this age and just keep reminding yourself... it's all just a phase.

Also, cut yourself some slake. From what I have read… you have a lot on your plate! I worked full-time before my 3rd child and I remember the stress and craziness it brought. Since cutting back on my hours I have had some relief in that area… however raising kids (young kids), working, being a homemaker and so on is a full plate! I thank my mom everyday for all she did for us when we were young. I hold a true appreciation for all parents!

Amanda said...

I'm going to go way out there and say goldfinch :)

Patten Family said...

Oh Kate,

I've been going through the same thing with Morgan since she turned 18mo.

Just their personalities - but someday it will serve them well:)

Amy Bomstad said...

I am going to guess a Robin...even though I know that is what April said first. Cayle loves Robins and Peacocks!

I am going through the same with Cayle and I am guessing I deserve it since I am just as stubborn and strong-willed! Some days Daddy can't come home fast enough! But love the little guy.

Better to be opinionated than not I one will walk all over our!

Geri said...

I'll guess dove.

Hang in there, Katie. You'll turn around so soon and see this little boy who is ready to start Kindergarten and seems like he's all grown up in many ways!! *sniff*

Em said...

I think if I had gotten here sooner I would've guessed a robin, sparrow, or crow, but that's probably because it's what we see the most often out our windows here and what Lucy likes to watch. :) Wish she and Tee could watch the birds together!!