Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011: Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

I think I was just as excited as the kids, maybe even more excited, for our church's annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny this year.  Last year I wasn't able to attend so as soon as I saw it in the bulletin after mass in March I was calling my parents and Collin's parents to see if they wanted to come (they did!)

The week leading up to it we were talking all about the Easter Bunny to Keaton, trying to get him prepped.  We got there bright and early and sat down to pancakes, sausage, apple sauce and the most horrible tasting coffee I've ever had in my life (no kidding, it tasted like cigarette butts) and about halfway through breakfast they made an announcement that the Easter Bunny was here!!  All the kids started scanning the room and when he walked in the door Keaton flipped around in his chair to watch him.  

After breakfast we made our way to "the line" so the boys could get their picture taken with the Bunny.  Cool man Hutt was chill about the whole thing.  Also, clueless.  But hey, calm and collected.

While Keaton was a little apprehensive.  Interested.  But apprehensive.

I did not have high expectations for this picture.  All I was really hoping for was to get both boys in the same frame.  A frame that included The Easter Bunny.  I'm not sure I ever told you about our Dinner with Santa at church.  Um.  Ha!  That's was awesome.  I was so psyched to get a cute photo with the boys with Santa and Keaton was so excited and then we got up there and he freaked out.  Would not sit on his lap.  Wouldn't even stand near him.  And so I think I have a picture of Hutt with him, but nothing of both the boys together.  So.  No expectations. Which is why I am absolutely THRILLED with this picture!  The Easter Bunny.  Both boys!  Both boys looking in my general direction!  We didn't get smiles, but we got all three subjects in one shot.  I say, success!!

Hutton totally grabbed that Easter Bunny's face and came out with a fist full of fur.

After taking a picture with The Bunny, we headed into the craft room where Keaton got to frost a sugar cookie with Mimi.

And do a little jig while eating said sugar cookie.

And then he got a tattoo on his hand with Busha.  He was a little skeptical about the tattoo.

We skipped some of the other craft stations this year because it was time to get our baskets ready and line up for the egg hunt.

The egg hunt is divided into age groups and usually held outdoors but it was crappy weather this year so they had it in the school gym instead. Both of our boys were in the first age group: 0-3.

We headed in and lined up around the perimeter of the court, Father said a prayer, and then there was a 3...2...1 countdown and the whistle blew.

Hutton may be young, in fact he was likely one of the very youngest in the room, but he gave those other kids a run for their money. As soon as the whistle blew Papa set him loose and he was the first one on the court.

Keaton was a little more shy at first but once he figured out what to do he was unstoppable.  He did not pause to look at the eggs or see if anything was in them, it was just one after another into the basket.  At the end I took a few from his basket and handed to the little boy next to us because he clearly had to many (this was church after all!)

After the egg hunt we bundled everyone up to head home.  Keaton talked nonstop about his eggs while Hutton promptly zonked out in his car seat. It was a good day.  The boys had fun, we had fun, and the Grandparent's had fun. I just love this holiday stuff and am already looking forward to next year.


Amanda said...

Seeing this post makes me SUPER excited to go along next year...awesome!!! Looks like it was a successful morning all around :)

CaSondra Shim said...

Great Easter Bunny Picture- yes - huge sucess! Their outfits are adorable of course! So so cute- Easter is my fave holiday and I can't wait to do this someday with our future kids.

CLAREW said...

Thats one thing we have never done is Easter Bunny pictures :( They look so fun! I love the Easter Egg Dash in the gym, that would be really fun!!! The boys look adorable in their Easter outfits :)

Em said...

Nice! Looks like the boys had fun. And I'm glad you got both boys in one frame for their picture. :) Also, SO cool that both sets of grandparents were there!

The pic/comment of Keaton eating his cookie and dancing a little jig totally reminded me of Lucy and made me laugh out loud. Adorable! :)

Kate W. said...

Oh my goodness-those are such cute Easter pictures! I love the boys in their baskets!