Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Hutton: 9 Months

Dear Hutty,

I can’t believe I’m addressing you publically as Hutty, but here’s the thing, of all the variations of your name that are used around here on a daily basis: Hutt, Hutters, Hutter Butts, Hutter Butter, Hutton Button, Baby Hutt, Baby Ha, Ha Ba (both by your brother), and Hutton Button Bender (by Busha); Hutty is the one I use the most. I’m sorry Buddy, I hate it just as much as you do, but it’s what rolls off my tongue. So anyway, Mr. Hutt, you have officially turned nine months old. I wish I had some height and weight stats to share with you, but you’re going to have to wait one more month for that.

This has been an interesting month. Okay, fine, I’m not going to mince words, this month has been rough. Everyone has their “baby stage” that they find to be the hardest, for some it’s the newborn stage, for others when their baby starts to walk. For me it is nine months. I remember this stage with your brother as well; you’re mobile and want to see and touch and discover new things, but you’re not yet steady enough on your feet to fully explore and you can’t yet walk. There seems to be frustration on your part because although you can pull yourself up to the couch, coffee table, tv stand, etc., you can’t quite reach everything. And there is frustration on our part because we can no longer leave you unattended for more than 10 seconds or you will have bonked your head again or pulled the gate down on top of yourself (ask us how we know that.) But the biggest frustration for me during this age is the nursing strike. Your brother went through it too. You’re just. too. busy. to waste time nursing. Or evening drinking your milk from a bottle for that matter. You settle in just long enough to get a taste and then you pop up, making sure you aren’t missing anything. It’s especially frustrating if there is even the slightest bit of distraction in the room. This month you’ve cut out an entire bottle from your daily feedings, not because you aren’t hungry, but because you are too busy. How do I know this? Because while you won’t nurse during the day, you have no problem nursing all night long.

The nursing all night thing started about the middle of the month, right at the same time you and your brother both came down with nasty colds. It was your first real sickness. Runny nose, coughing, fevers, you had it all. Keaton came down with it first and you got it a few days later, combined it was a solid two weeks of warm baths followed by lathering you boys in vicks, running a vaporizer all night long, and lots and lots of rest and snuggles. During this time I wanted you to get as much breast milk as possible and since nursing soothed you, you often ate the whole night through. Unfortunately, you found this arrangement quite agreeable and breaking you of the habit has been tough.

Thankfully this month had its highlights too. One of those moments came the day, right as you were turning 9 months old, that you started crawling. You had been getting up on your knees and rocking back and forth for awhile. You’d started taking a few “slides,” usually three or four – the way you moved looked like you were on an ice rink learning to skate for the first time – and we knew you were on the brink of taking off. Then one day you just did it. You went from the three/four slides to full-time crawling overnight. And now you are moving quite fast. You also started pulling yourself up onto everything this month. Your favorite thing is the entertainment center, you love that tv.

At the end of the month we also moved you out of our room and into the nursery with your brother. It seemed that, without fail, you’d wake up within 30 minutes of your Daddy and I going to bed and we thought that you could sense us in the room. We’d been hesitant to move you boys into the same room afraid that you might wake each other up, but we decided to give it a go to see if it would help you sleep through the night. While you guys sleeping in the same room has had no affect on each other’s sleep, you’re still waking up in the middle of the night. So I don’t know, win? Lose? I guess I’d call it a draw.

This month you got two more teeth, a second middle bottom tooth and one on the top. Oddly though, it’s not one of your middle top teeth, no, it’s the tooth to the right of your middle teeth. Which I find totally odd and has earned you the nickname “Three Teeth” from Papa. You’ve added apples, pears, mango, broccoli, and cauliflower to your list of foods you’ve tried. Mango is the only thing you have outright refused. I think it was probably because it wasn’t ripe enough, but I suppose we’ll see when we try it again next time. You’re still wearing 6-9 month clothes, you LOVE bath time, Morty the Moose, and people tickling your chest. You HATE having your nose cleaned out, getting dressed, and sitting still for longer than 15 seconds to have your diaper changed. Your smile continues to be infectious and I hope that never, ever changes.

I love you sweet boy,


Jill said...

Too sweet! How did this boy grow up so fast?! I love the pics of him pulling himself up on the TV stand...ahhh...the glowing box! :) Happy 9 months!

CaSondra Shim said...

Ahh- I love these posts when I can hear all about the kidos growing! His smile does make me smile and cry too as I miss them so much!!!! June seems so long away, but I hope the time goes fast just because I want to squeeze them! Love you tons!

Lyndsay said...

I just love watching your boys grow up! So awesome, this whole internets thing. ;-) xo

Amanda said...

Not too much beats a Hutter Butter gummy smile :) Can't believe he's 9+ months already!!! You're growing up too fast lil man!

Em said...

I could totally relate to this post! I know Lucy and Hutty (hehe) are 3 months apart, but I'm so with you on not relishing this "in between" the crawling and walking stage. Lucy is so capable of walking on her own; she just chooses not to because she's stubborn. Yeah. Some days it'd make life sooo much easier. And I totally hear yeah on the not taking time to drink during the day because they're so busy. I'm convinced that's why Lucy still doesn't consistently sleep through the night--because she has to make up for it overnight! Oh, also, I thought it was interesting that Hutt didn't like mango. Lucy HATED mango. The first time I gave it to her it was probably a little under-ripe, but I tried it after it was ripe and she still wanted NOTHING to do with it. I hope Hutt likes it, though!

It's hard to believe what a big boy Hutt is already! That smile turns me to jelly. :)