Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday: Sloppy Joe Pasta

I wrote Hutton's 8-month post today and when I got done I looked at Collin and said:

Hmm...I don't know if I should post this now or wait until tomorrow?

Post it now.  Why would you wait until tomorrow?

Well, because I have to post "What's for Dinner Wednesday" tonight.

Oh, that's right.  What is for dinner Wednesday?

We had chicken tacos on Monday and Tuesday this week so for tonight's meal I wanted to use beef, particularly, ground beef because we got a quarter of a cow in the fall and we have lots of ground beef to go through.  When we were thinking through dinner plans for this week I was trying to decide what to do with a pound of ground beef and making a casserole of some sort sounded like a good idea. 

I pulled out my Taste of Home Casserole Cookbook and flipped to the first page of "beef" recipes and went with the first option, Sloppy Joe Pasta.  I have this weird desire to go through my cookbooks and make every recipe so hey, why not start with option #1? 

I'm going to be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this recipe.  I mean, it's sloppy. joe. pasta.  But much to my surprise, it was pretty good.  Everyone liked it and it earned a

That, by the way, is the official rating system of the Merlot household.  Smiley means good, make it again.  Sometimes I'll write notes right there on the page if there is something I need to remember.  As I was flipping through I saw a note on another recipe that called for breadcrumbs and I had written "use real breadcrumbs, not out of can." Just little things I have no hope of remembering if I don't write them down.

Although I didn't write it down, because it is a given, I would tell you to write "use a Wisconsin cup of cheese" which means, throw in a little extra for good measure.  Because everything is better with more cheese!

What did you have for dinner?

We had a big storm roll in last night and because the roads weren't so great we ended up having a snow day.  It was perfect that it fell on Wednesday and I could lounge around with the boys rather than have Collin hideout with them in the basement.  We watched a Thomas movie in the morning and in the afternoon as Keaton was napping Collin set up his birthday present.  Yes, his birthday was in December.  Collin got sick right before it and never had the chance to set it up.  And, well, days turned into weeks, turned in MONTHS and we just now finally gave it to him.  Other than watch movies and play I can't think of much else we did today, which I suppose is a good thing.

Well, I'm off to bed.  Good night.  And big balls.


Gail said...

Every time that guy says "good night and big balls" - I think of you!

I have a package coming for Keaton. A couple of things that Jacob no longer has interest in but, another little train lover just might like them. I'll let you know when I mail it.

We had leftover spaghetti and meatballs that we'll have tonight, and tomorrow but if I have to eat them any longer - I might throw them out the window!

Amanda said...

Last night was homemade mac n cheese and tonight was a super yummy supper of baked taco sandwiches :)

Em said...

We made Reubens last night from the left-over corned beef. They were yummy. BTW, I like your rating system! hehe :)

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