Tuesday, March 8, 2011


One of the reasons I like winter is because I like winter activities; cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are the top two on my list.  In our pre-kid days Collin and I used to spend a weekend in February up at the cabin with Kira and Justin.  This was a feat for many reasons, one of which is because there is no running water up there during the winter.  My parents came up with us one winter, but that happened to be the year it got so cold that our cars would not start and we were stranded for an extra day.  We said: oh darn!  My mom said: never again!  I loved these weekends because our time up there revolved around being outside in the snow during the day and being inside playing cards at night.

Since having kids we have not been able to ski or snowshoe much at all.  So when my parents said they were coming up this weekend I said: pack your snowshoes! This was something on my Winter Soul Season list and I was bound and determined to get out there and get in the snow.

You know what else I love about winter?  Babies in monkey suits.

I mean, seriously....the cute!

So on Saturday afternoon we got the boys all bundled up and headed outside.  Hutton is an Eskimo baby, so we figured he'd love being out there.  And I think he did.  But what Hutton doesn't like it being bundled up outside in a sled that Is. Not. Moving!

But if Hutt is anything, he is a trooper.

For Christmas we bought Keaton his own pair of snowshoes. Papa took him out earlier this year but at that time the snow was too soft and he sunk in and his shoe came off when he tried to pull it back out.

This time he was and old pro.  I was impressed with the way he maneuvered in those things.  As if he has been snowshoeing for years.  Okay, 2 years.

For a good hour he led Mimi and Papa Grizz (which sounds like 'Pa Doe' right  now) around the yard exploring the wood pile and trees and who knows what else...

...while Collin pulled Hutton around in the sled.

Of course it wouldn't be a true Bender Snowshoe Outing without a couple of spills.

I'm not sure if I find it funny or humiliating that the 2 year old did not fall but my Mom and I both did.

P.S. I blame that sled for mine.  Mom was trying to walk backwards and take a picture.

I know Collin really hopes the boys grow up to love baseball and wrestling.  One of the things I hope they grow up to love is snowshoeing.

Oh hey, and look! Hutt decided this wasn't such a bad gig after all and we finally got a smile!


Amy Bomstad said...

That looks like so much fun! Will post a belly pic one of these days...I don't know where the time goes anymore!!?!!!

Ashleigh said...

I have NEVER been snowshoeing. EVER! I want to go so badly, but Matt says that he does not like doing something for fun that he does for work. Seeing this post must have made him feel bad though, because he said we can go, and take Noah too!

CLAREW said...

How FUN! You do the coolest things!

Jill said...

Very fun! I'm so jealous of you guys as I sit here watching the gloomy rain and brown grass, while I'm sure you're still covered with beautiful white snow! Glad you had a great day - the pictures look like you had a blast!

Em said...

I love that you got out to do the snowshoeing! Even better that Hutt enjoyed himself, too. :) Keats was so cute in his own little snowshoes. Adorable! I'm sure your kids will grow up loving to do this.