Monday, March 21, 2011

My Plants Have Never Been Happier

I love plants. I love starting plants indoors with seeds and soil and a fresh potter. I love watching the seedlings break the top soil, sending cracks through the earth as they peek up into the air and sun. I love buying hanging baskets for our shepherd’s hooks and getting some sun as I kneel on my knees, flats of Impatiens by my side, and gardening gloves covering my hands. I love watching these grow and sprout new leaves and I can never wait for their buds to flower. I love to prune the plants that get to big, making new starters to give to friends. I love moving our plants to the porch when summer comes and bringing our outdoor plants in when the weather turns chilly, lining our windowsills with fresh foliage during the dreary winter months.

Of course, this is all in theory.

In reality, I suck at gardening. Oh wait, let me back up, I’m pretty good at starting plants, I mean…I can be… when I… you know, actually do it. But I am not good at maintaining or, to put it bluntly, I suck at keeping plants alive. I’ve killed spider plants people, spider plants! My mom always gives them to me and says, 'here, here’s a spider plant, you can’t kill a spider plant.' And then she comes to my house and says 'Oh my God, Kate, you have to WATER it!'

See that’s where everything goes wrong for me. I can’t remember to water my plants.

But, things have changed around here and it’s all thanks to Hutton. See, when Keaton was a baby we used one of those fancy shmancy bottle warmers to heat his milk and food. Poor Hutt, our second child, not only does he not have as many pictures or a bib that says “My 1st (fill in the holiday)” for each special occasion but he also gets his milk and food warmed up with a boring glass of hot water (BTW, this works just was well if not better than the fancy shmancy bottle warmer. Related: Also did not need fancy crib bedding set.) For the first several months I dumped all those glasses of water down the drain but a few weeks ago, as I was feeling guilty for more waste I thought, wait! I can feed the plants. And so each glass of water now goes to feed a hungry plant. And my plants have never been happier.

Of course, I hope they enjoy it while it lasts because Hutt is nearing 9 months, which means we’re fast approaching finger foods and sippy cups. It will soon be bye bye glass of hot water and bye bye nice green, leafy, hydrated plants.


Gail said...

I love summer's arrival and filling my planters and hangers with annuals and watching them fill out an overflow the pots...until about August when I start forgetting to water them and they start thinning out, browning, and taking the slow road to their deaths. But, I start with good intentions, does that count?

Or I can just blame the dog - she LOVES to eat flowers!

Kristal said...

Very amusing post!! Sadly, I can relate.

Lauren Ayala said...

I, too, can relate! I'm awful about watering my plants! My boyfriend actually found this amazing thing though. They're called Aqua Globes. If you haven't heard of them, maybe check them out. We got them for a friend and I now have every intention of getting some for myself =)

CLAREW said...

I always enjoy them, but am horrible at taking care of them! Good luck :)

Em said...

Good use of those cups of water! We always had a bunch sitting around, too, as we never really ended up using our bottle warmer. I keep telling myself that SOMEDAY I will develop a green thumb! :)