Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Hutton: 8 Months

Dear Hutton,

At the end of February you turned eight months old. I mention ‘end of February’ because as I sit down to write this we are now nearing the ‘end of March’ in fact, you’re closer to nine months right now then eight months. I’ve decided to make it my personal goal to write at least one of your monthly updates ON TIME.

This has been a big month for you; you are so quickly exiting the baby stage, getting bigger and bigger and becoming more and more independent. At some point during this month I realized you were sitting on your own. I really have no idea when this started; it is quite possible that it was before you turned seven months. I know you were working on it last month, but I’m not quite sure when you mastered it. Either way, you are now sitting unassisted. Although you don’t sit for long. Oh no, you have places to go. This month you started scooting. I find it so interesting to watch you develop, even though you are our second child, you do things so differently than your brother that it is just as exciting to watch this time as it was the first time around. While Keaton’s scoot was of the army crawl variety you are much more an inchworm. You draw your knees up, butt in the air, and then propel your upper body forward. Knees in, butt up, propel. Over and over and over. You’re moving quite quickly these days.

The other big thing that happened is you got your first tooth. You’d been drooling at ton and waking up at night shouting out in pain and had had a couple of fevers. We knew what was going on so daily your Daddy and I were rooting around in your mouth, seeing if we could feel anything. And then one day there it was, a sharp little point sticking out ever so slightly. It was kind of a relief to finally have that guy make its appearance. Yes, your bottom left tooth was officially your first.

Another big first happened at the beginning of the month. Your first sleepover at Papa and Busha’s. I still cannot believe I left you overnight at only seven and a half months. I didn’t leave your brother for the first time until he was almost 13 months old. We hadn’t planned on leaving you there overnight, Daddy and I had spent the day getting our office set for my new job and then went out to eat and by the time we went to pick you up you and your brother were both sound asleep. We planned on packing you up anyway, but you looked so peaceful there on the couch and Papa & Busha said they didn’t mind if you woke up in the middle of the night, so we decided not to disturb you. Daddy and I got home around 9 pm and you know what we did? We went straight to bed. And slept until almost 8 the next morning. Although I was worried about how you’d react when you woke up in the middle of the night, like most things, you were totally unaffected. And when we got there on Sunday to pick you up you were all smiles in Papa’s arms. Once again, the time away was harder on me than on you or Keaton.

At eight months we’ve finally moved you into 6-9 months clothes, you are now taking a bath with your brother in the tub rather than in the baby tub, you love to babble da da da, and you are eating three meals per day. Speaking of meals, this month you’ve tried peas, avocado, squash, yams, bananas, and a barely/oat/spelt grain mix. This month you’ve also been learning how to use a sippy cup, interacting more and more with Maia, and getting into all of the buckets of toys, much to the dismay of your brother.

You are such a joy to be around; you light up my days Hutter Butts.
All my love,


Em said...

Happy 8 (almost 9) months, Hutter Butter! You have such beautiful blue eyes. I have a feeling you're going to master the sippy cup before Lucy. She is dead set against it, which is probably my fault because I introduced it rather late...d'oh!

Amanda said...

Happy 8 months Hutt!!! Those blue eyes are going to melt the girls hearts in high out Mom :) Can't wait to snuggle you again soon!!!

Mama B said...

Happy 8 months Hutt!

Jill said...

So sweet - happy 8 months!