Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

I intended to write this post on Sunday night but we had a really busy weekend and the kids didn't go to bed until late and by the time they were finally asleep I was wiped.  Then I was going to put it up last night but I didn't end up getting home from Milwaukee until 8 pm and as soon as I got out of my work clothes I crashed on the couch.  So, it's a little late, I hope everyone had a great holiday!

The thing I remember most about Valentine's Day growing up was making homemade Valentine's for the family.  Each year my mom had a new design and we would make them for all of our Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.  This is a tradition I want to carry on with our kids.

With Keaton still being quite young I wanted to do something simple this year so I had him color some cards and then I cut them into a heart shape and then we decorated them.  He took more interest in this project than I had expected, which was pretty awesome.  With each card he colored we talked about who it was for and if they had sent us a picture Christmas card he pointed them out on the fridge.  When he was done coloring we put the person's initials in the corner so we wouldn't forget whose was whose. 

After I cut them into a heart shape Keaton helped me decorate them.  We started with glitter and quickly decided that was not the greatest idea.  I apologize to those who got lots of glitter.  One lucky family had to have their card mailed in a sandwich baggie because there was so. much. glitter.  (Sorry Jill! We had a little glitter mishap with the kids' card!) After deciding that we should put the glitter away we went to felt hearts.  Keaton picked out which hearts he wanted on each card and then we addressed them and glued a picture of the boys inside.

Our first Valentine.

I've talked before about my mom and her decorating for holidays.  Her house is always so festive, it's hard not to be in the spirit of Christmas, or Valentine's Day, or Easter, when you are there.  We are still building our holiday decor and I've decided that each year I will buy one decoration for each holiday so that hopefully in a few years we have a home that is festive for each season. 

When I went downstairs in mid January to pull out my Valentine's Day decorations all I came up with were two of these door hangers.

Looks like we need some Valentine's Day decorations.

I did have my mom make me a new bow for the grapevine tree and I added some red berries to make it a little more festive, but that was about the extent of our decorations this year.

Until I found these place mats on Sunday at Kohls (on sale! woo!) (I bought 6 just in case we (hopefully) have a couple more kids.)

It was perfect timing for our Valentine's Day celebration on Sunday night (we celebrated early since I was going to be gone for work on Monday).

My original plan was to have homemade waffles with strawberries on Sunday morning for breakfast but the boys ended up spending the night at Papa and Busha's on Saturday and we didn't pick them up until afternoon.  So instead we had our breakfast for dinner and we're going to have our traditional Valentine's Day dinner (seafood alfredo and asparagus....I have no idea why but this is the meal we've made almost every year since we've been together) tomorrow night.

Keaton loved helping me make waffles and was pretty excited about dinner.  And then I surprised him with strawberry milk.  Mee. Mee. Mee muk?  Mee muk?  Peas. (More. More. More milk? More milk? please.)

To finish off our holiday we bought each of the boys the Sports Illustrated Packer Super Bowl addition.  

My Valentines.

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!


CLAREW said...

I love the homemade valentines. I always have such a fun list of stuff to do and never get to half of it! I hope your training is going good and you get settled soon with working from home. I'm so jealous!

Jill said...

I loved the homemade valentine and I just laughed out loud when I saw first the baggie, and then the glitter...thanks for putting it in a baggie! It saved my floor! :) I thought it was precious! Glad you had a great V-Day celebration!

Em said...

I'm always inspired by these traditions you're starting with the boys for the different holidays. You are truly on the ball, my dear! We loved our Valentine! Thank you so much! They were adorable.