Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things I Love: Munchkin Food Grinder

Each time I read one of Kira's "favorite things" posts I think, I love these!  And also, I should write a few.  And then I go about my day (week) and each time I use something I love I think, I'll write about this!  And then I never do.  I had those thoughts so many times this weekend that I'm forcing myself to sit down and write about it. 

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We used our Munchkin Food Grinder with Keaton but not until we had mashed way too many bananas by hand.  Hutton had his first banana a week or two ago and guess what I used to mash it?  That's right, a spoon.  Again.  And I instantly thought, where is that grinder?  And then I searched the boys room and I looked in the cabinet and it wasn't until last Wednesday that I finally got serious about finding it so I drug a kitchen chair over to the counter, opened the cabinet, climbed up on the chair, moved a bowl, and ta da!  there it was.  Behind one stinkin' little bowl! 

I'm so glad I finally drug that chair out though, we've used it ever day since.  For bananas in the morning and avocados at night.  Speaking of avocados can I just tell you how thrilled I am that his kid likes avocados?  Keaton did not like them, they were the one food he outright refused.  The first night we gave them to Hutt he was skeptical and I thought he might turn them down on the second try but nope! on night #2 he dug right in.  Makin' Mama proud.

Tonight I made butternut squash for dinner, intending to make half of it for Hutton.  I usually puree baby food using my blender but since the squash was nice and warm straight from the oven I decided to try sticking it through the grinder instead and it worked like a charm.  So good in fact that instead of pulling out the blender after dinner to finish up the task Keaton and I grinded all of the squash and froze it for Mr. Hutt.

I read the reviews on Amazon and I'm a little surprised at how negative some of them were, complaining about them needing to use a lot of force and it leaking out the bottom.  While I could see a very liquidy food leaking out the bottom I've never had that problem.  In our experience this grinder has been easy peasy and so much slicker than mashing bananas by hand.


Justin said...
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Mama B said...

Thanks for the link! I love doing my favorite things posts. It's funny because I was just going through garage sale stuff and I saw this thing in the back of the closet in the nursery...never used! Maybe I should dig it out of the garage sale pile!