Monday, February 7, 2011

Hutt's first veggie was....

Green Beans!!!

Congratulations to Geri, who is our winner! And an honorable mention goes to Jill, who also guessed green beans.

I have to be honest, when I uploaded that picture I looked at it and thought, I'd totally guess that was peas.

And of course after I made the green beans I was reading in my baby cook book and it said to NOT have beans be the first taste because they can be gassy.  Ummm...oops.

No one guessed Hutt's reaction and I felt kind of bad because it was sort of a trick question, so I'm giving out a prize anyway.  So what was Hutt's reaction?

I would call it "unfazed."

It was as if he'd been eating green beans all of his life.

He had the same reaction to his 2nd veggie (zucchini). I think Collin hit the nail on the head when he said "this kid is ready for a chicken wing."

When I was thinking about what I should do for a prize I decided that the timing was perfect to do a little something for Valentine's Day.   Geri, watch your mailbox for a set of Gail's homemade Valentine's Day conversation heart soaps.

That was so much fun I might do it again in time for St. Patrick's Day!


Jill said...

Too fun! Green beans were both of my kids firsts too! I can't stand peas, so I couldn't make that be their first taste...ha! Glad he enjoyed!

Geri said...

Wow...thanks, Kate! I never win anything...this is a thrill. I'm glad that Hutton was unphased. Hopefully that will continue for you!

Kate said...

SOB! Is it spelled unPHASED? I put that into spell check and it told me unFAZED. I hate spelling.