Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear Keaton: 2 years

Dear Keaton,

It has been almost two months since you turned two years old. I’m not sure why I haven’t sat down to write this before now. I’ve thought about it a bazillion times but the truth is summing up your second year, the person you are, and the person you’re becoming at this tender age in just a few paragraphs seems daunting. There are so many little details I don’t want to leave out and yet putting into words all that you are is, well, impossible, really. So I guess I’ll start with the basics. At your two-year check up you weighed in at 26 lbs 12 oz (25-50%), were 34 inches tall (25-50%), and your head circumfrence was 50 1/2 cm (90%).

Photos by CaSondra Shim Photography

If I think back to December 2009, when you had just turned one, it seems like light-years ago. At that time you were not yet walking, you were still pretty bald (except for that Mohawk patch running down the center of your head…..sorry about that kiddo, I’m not sure what we could have done to change that), you were sitting in a highchair and feeding yourself finger foods. I remember a time in probably March of last year when we went out to eat with your Aunt Jenny and Uncle Matt and your cousins. Your cousin Aiden, who is just 18 months older than you, was sitting in the booth with us eating dinner, while you were at the end wearing a bib and tucked in a highchair. I remember looking at Aiden and thinking, ‘I can’t imagine Keaton sitting at the table with us in just a year or so.’ Guess what you are doing now? At first you started protesting the highchair, so we pulled out the booster seat. A couple of months ago you started protesting the booster seat. So now you sit right at the table with us, propped on your knees, using regular utensils. Yes, today you are not only walking, but running, jumping, and climbing, you have a full head of hair, and you have a chair at the dinner table.

Photo by CaSondra Shim Photography

The biggest thing that happened in your life this year is you became a big brother. I could not be more pleased with how you’ve handled this change. Before Hutton was born we were around Mama’s friend Ember and her baby girl, Lucy. You loved touching Lucy’s hands and feet but when I held her you showed some signs of jealousy. I was a little afraid of what might be in store of us in the next couple of months. But once Hutt was here and you had Mommy home with you it didn’t matter that there was another baby; we were still able to spend more time together than when I was working. And so you transitioned into the big brother role very easily. And you love that little brother of yours. You stand right by my side when he’s in the bathtub, you tell us when he is crying or has spit up, and now you love to feed him. But. Of course there is a but. You don’t really like him playing with your toys. That’s something we’ll have to work on. For Christmas you got a Frosty the Snowman stuffed animal that plays music when you lift his hat. A few weeks ago you and I were snuggling on the couch and you were just about to fall asleep when Daddy and Hutt started to play with Frosty. You heard that music go off and you instantly jumped up and shouted “No Baby!” The thing I love though is that when you see Hutton playing with one of your toys you start to shake a little and then (usually) frantically find him a replacement toy, one of “his”, that you hand to him while you rip your toy out of his hands.

Photos by CaSondra Shim Photograhpy

It’s all the little things I want to remember the most about you at this age though. Like the way you flap your arms like a chicken when you want something opened, hold up your two pointer fingers when someone asks how old you are, and fold your hands at the dinner table and make the sign of the cross before eating (your cross usually hits your forehead and chest and then sometimes your armpits or your back, but last night you touched each shoulder perfectly), or the way you encourage yourself during the day saying, Tee no, no nuk. You’re learning your letters and numbers but when you count to four you always skip the number three. You’re talking more and more each day but you refuse to say train or choo choo, it is still dee dee. You also prefer to call your brother Baby rather than Hutt and you call yourself Tee. But the names I love most are those you’ve given your grandparents:

Busha = Mama Boo or Mama Boosh
Papa = Pa Pa, said just like that with a pause in between each syllable.
Grammy = Mimi
Grandpa Grizz = Pop Grr

And speaking of names, I have a little bone to pick with you…what happened to Mommy?? You have gone straight to calling me Mom. Thankfully I still get Mama when you need snuggles and loving.

Photo by CaSondra Shim Photography

You still love being outside, even in the dead of winter, and you have designated a few tasks around the house as “yours.” These include feeding the dog and letting her out to go potty. We put olive oil on Maia’s food in the winter to help with her dry skin and you carry that bowl first to the mud room to fill it up and then straight to the oil. And if we forget you definitely remind us. You also love letting Maia out the back door to go potty. I think what you love most is opening and closing the door, but Maia gives you a reason to do it. Last week you were napping but must have heard Daddy open the door to let her out because we suddenly heard you bellow from the back of the house “No! Tee!”

At two years old you still love trains (especially the coal car), airplanes, and cars. You love listening to music and dancing. I love watching you dance; you take it very seriously and pump your arms like you’re in a marching band. You like to color and scribble and make art projects and you love pretending your cutting wood, like Papa and Daddy. You are super sensitive and hard working, always pulling a chair up to the counter to help me wash dishes or cook. You don’t always follow directions but when we send you to time-out you rarely protest and usually stay still until we say it’s okay to get up. You aren’t a picky eater but we’ve had to institute the “2 bite” rule with your veggies. You are adventurous and passionate. You love with all your heart and I love you with all of mine.

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This has been a wonderful year, Stink, and I look forward to all the next has in store.



Jill said...

SO hard to believe he's 2 already! I love the memories you've captured precious! Happy 2's!

Ashleigh said...

I remember being at Justin and Kira's New Year's Party and being told that you had Keaton. It's amazing how fast time flies by? Noah was two then... he's now four! It seems to go by even faster the older they get!

CaSondra Shim said...

WOW- I loved seeing all his pics and the slideshow- oh how he has grown up in one year! I miss them so much!

Mama B said...

love the xmas pics! And Ashleigh-I remember that party too!

Kristal said...

Very sweet post. Those are adorable pictures, too. I especially love the close up where he's wearing the striped shirt.

Kristal said...

Oh, duh... lots of stripes. :)
I meant the red and grey striped shirt.

Em said...

I'm so behind on reading blogs, but I finally got to this post, and Awwww! I'm in tears after reading it and watching the slide show. I love the way you described "Tee" and his personality as a 2-year-old. I could so relate to "not being able to do justice" in what you write about your child, too. Daunting is a good word, and how to do you really sum up the entire year, the entire person? You can't. But, my dear, you did a great job with this post. I truly cannot believe your BABY is 2 years old and counting!