Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Boom'd

There are two movies I remember watching religiously as a young girl.  The first I assume most people are probably familiar with, if not the 1961 original than the 1986 2nd addition, The Parent Trap. (For the record, I'm a fan of the original.)  What I remember most about watching this movie is insisting that I always watch it with a bowl of Velvetta Shells & Cheese (btw, that is still the best mac 'n cheese around.)  The second one, Baby Boom, I've found people don't know as well.  What I distinctly remember about this movie is watching it and thinking, when I grow up I want a job where I can work from home.  Rereading that summary of the movie I have to laugh at how many similarities this movie has with my life (Diane Keaton is the star), or my dreams for life.  Since having children I've thought of this movie and that thought many times.


Last Monday I resigned from my job.  My job of 9+ years.  The only job I've ever had, I started there as an intern my senior year of college.

Friday will be my last day.


It always amazes me that some of our simplest actions can set off such a grand chain of events.

It was a Sunday afternoon in early January.  Collin was playing with the boys on the floor while I was flipping through my email on the computer.  I usually delete those notices from the various career websites but this one I opened up.  There was a posting for a financial analyst position at a nearby hospital, if I were to leave the industry I'm currently in, this would be my dream job.  I decided I had to at least submit my resume and give it a shot.  So over the course of the next few days I got my resume updated and had Ember look it over.  It was Thursday when I finally had it ready to turn in and I planned on submitting it over the weekend.  I asked Em if I should contact my references now, or wait to see if I even got an interview and she said go ahead and contact them, get them lined up.  So I did.

The first person I talked to was an old boss of mine from my current employer.  He left the company shortly after I switched departments and is now at another, smaller, company in the same industry. Ironically, 5 other people I used to work with in my early years, all of whom I greatly respect, have also recently left my current employer to join this company.  I hadn't talked to him since I was pregnant with Keaton and so we spent some time catching up and then I let him know why I was calling.  He said sure, he'd be a reference, but then asked "do you want to come work for us?" I kinda laughed, I knew they didn't have offices in this area, but he said "no, work remotely (from home)." Umm, YES, I told him.  And he said, "okay.  You can still turn your resume in if you want but I think we can move pretty quickly on this."

I was in a state of shock when I hung up the phone.  I instantly jumped on G-chat and told Em, "Holy Shit!!  You will not believe what just happened!  He asked if I wanted to work for them, from home!"  I went home that night and told Collin the same thing.  I felt like I was living in a dream.

Over the weekend Collin and I talked and we decided that I wouldn't turn in my resume for the other position just yet.  With this new opportunity a possibility the thing I realized most is that I don't want to add a 40 min. commute to my already hectic day. Although my commute is only about 20 min. right now I'm rarely home before 6-6:30.  Our night time routine is: shove food in everyone's hungry face, get jammies on, try to get the boys to sleep by 8-8:30.  Okay, 9.  And I'll tell you this, it's not working very well.  There's a lot of stress around here and it mostly stems from me not being home enough. The thought of working from home, getting done at 5:30 pm, walking out the den/office door and having dinner on the table by 6 pm would be a dream come true.

A week after our initial conversation they called me back and we talked some more and a week after that I went down to Milwaukee for a "chat" - which consisted of lunch and talking about everything from their company and where they hope to go with this new line of business to potty training, as these guys also have young kids.  Their parting words to me were "well, we'll be in touch.  No one knew this was going to fall in our laps."

I went home that night feeling like maybe this would happen at some point in the future and if it did, that would be awesome.  So you can only imagine how shocked I was when my phone rang at 8 pm that night and he said "okay, we want to make you an offer."

Like most big decisions in life there were some things about the offer that were sweeter than my current situation and some things should I put this?  caused a little heartburn.  In the end though Collin and I decided that the positives definitely outweighed the negatives.

I gave my notice last week but I'm not quite sure all of this has really sank in yet.  Next Monday, on Valentine's Day (which is funny because I started my current job on Halloween), I will be in Milwaukee getting my computer set up, learning new systems, and meeting my new co-workers.  Next Monday we're all embarking on a new adventure and if all goes as planned I will be able to balance home and work a little more effectively and things will be less stressful around here, especially in the morning and at dinner time.

Of course I'm a little nervous, change is always a little hard for me.  But I'm also excited.  Excited about being home with the kids more, excited about a new challenge, and maybe mostly, excited about staying in my pj's all day, every day. 

I feel grateful and blessed that this dream is coming true.


TeamNee said...

Congrats Kate! That is very exciting for you and the fam!

Kate W. said...

Kate! That is SO great! It sounds like it was meant to be! I will be re-reading this for courage about change in the work place...

So glad for you!

Em said...

Have I told you yet how happy I am for you!? It's so wonderful that one of your childhood dreams is being fulfilled. Continued blessings to you, Konos, in the coming year! *hugs*

Kristin said...

Kate~ That is really freakin awesome! I am so happy for you, what a great opportunity for you and your family. Good Luck & Enjoy!

Aubrey said...

Yay! This is so exciting for you. Hopefully it's does make things smoother. I'm sure there will be some rough patches, but it will be so much nicer handling them in the comforts of YoUR home. I'll say a little prayer for a smooth transition. Huzzah!!!!

CaSondra Shim said...

Yeah! Love hearing this again! Congrats and I am praying your goodbye is smooth tomorrow and your Hello is welcoming on Monday! I know that can be hard!

CLAREW said...

Congratulations! That is amazing! I've been wishing all week I could figure out a way to be home with my kids. Good luck!

Jill said...

WOW! I was dumbfounded when I read this - what an AMAZING coincidence that found you!! I am absolutely thrilled for you!! And from someone who already works from will NEVER want to go back to an office and LOVE every minute of it...the exposure to the kids and the PJ's! If you ever need any help or just want to bounce some ideas, feel free to give me a call!

And by the way...when you first started talking about the Parent Traps and Baby Boom, I was having total childhood flashbacks! When you wrote that post about wanting to make baby food the other day, I thought of Baby Boom immediately! :) Did you ever see Parent Trap 2 with Hayley Mills as an adult? That was pretty good too.

Again, SO happy for you at this new chapter for your family - best of luck with the transition!

Gail said...

Very exciting news, Kate! I hope that this opportunity is everything you're dreaming of and then some! :)

Amanda said...

You know how excited I am for you...a little jealous but SUPER excited :) Have fun decorating your office today and most of all your DATE with the hubby!!!!

Kristal said...

How wonderful!!!! Congratulations!

Katharine said...

Oh Kate how exciting! I am so happy for you!
If you ever want to talk about working from home let me know - I did it for about 2 years - and was pregnant the first year, had a baby in the house the second.
So, so delighted for you and the family! Congrats!

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

Sounds like a great opportunity! I completely can relate to the stress of leaving a job. 3 years ago last April, Cedi got her first tooth and I didn't notice it in the hassle of getting her to Grandma's. Later that day when Grandma called to tell me about it, it was a huge turning point. The following August I gave my notice - I still remember walking into my bosses office and I just started to sob (in my defense...I was pregnant again). It was the hardest and best decision I've made.

Good luck with everything!