Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

It’s exactly 12:00 am on New Year’s Day as I begin writing this post.  Welcome 2011.  This is the time of year that we do a lot of reflecting on the past year and make grand plans for the year to come.  2010 has been one of the best of years, with the addition of our littlest man, Hutton, and one of the worst of years, with our accumulating medical bills, the continued decline of the economy and the still depressed real estate market.  2010 has tried to kill us financially and at times I’ve been afraid we were at our breaking point but somehow, someway, we have found the resources to chug on, make it one more day, one more month.  These are things I don’t talk about here because, well, frankly, I try to come here to forget about those woes.  Also, talking about them usually results in my yelling, crying, or both.  But I can’t look back at this year without recognizing them.  2010 has beaten us down in many ways but we’re determined to make it though, stronger as a couple, stronger as a family.  So instead of spending our evening in reflection we’ve spent it looking forward to the hope and promise of what a new year offers.  I think it is less important to make resolutions and more important to work towards our resolutions so tonight Collin and I wrote down our goals for 2011.  Financial, fitness, family, and personal.  There are a number of things we want to accomplish this year.  We may not hit every one but if we at least put in the effort to work towards each of them I believe at this time next year we’ll be able to look back on the year and smile.  Here’s to 2011.  May it bless you with peace, hope, and happiness.  Happy New Year, everyone!


Kira said...

Happy New Year Kate!

Em said...

Wishing your family a truly blessed 2011, my dear. *Hugs*

Jill said...

Happy New Year!