Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soul in the Season: Winter 2011

In my mind winter starts the day we flip the calendar to December.  Actually, scratch that.  In my mind winter starts the day after Thanksgiving.  Yes, a few days before December. The last Thursday in November is all about turkey dinner, crisp fallen leaves, gourds and pumpkins, the colors orange, brown, deep yellow, and burnt red. But once Thursday ends and Friday begins my mind is full of twinkling lights, snowmen, Santas, and nativity sets, and the colors red and green.  This year was no exception.  That Friday after Thanksgiving was the beginning of winter to me and it got off to such a quick start that I am just now, a whole month later, finding the time to sit down and think about the things I want to do this season to appreciate and enjoy all that it has to offer. Some of the items on my list are things we've already done, but I'm writing them down anyway because they fulfilled what this seasonal exercise is all about, energizing my soul.
  • Enjoy an afternoon/evening/sometime when the kids are sleeping by the fire reading a book.
  • Take Keaton sledding.
  • Do something special in celebration of St. Nick's Day, St. Lucia, and Valentine's Day.
  • Go snowshoeing, pull the kids behind us in a sled.
  • Go cross country skiing
  • Make hot chocolate.
  • Make white chicken chili and corn bread for a weekend dinner.
I'll be adding this list to the Soul in the Season page.  For now I'll be leaving the fall list there as well, I haven't decided yet if I'll delete these as we move into another season or not, so for now it stays. 

What are you doing this winter to soak up the beauty of the season?  If you write a post let me know and I'll link to it on the Soul Season page. I know winter can be a difficult season for many people, the lack of sun, the cold frigid temperatures, the snowy/slushy road conditions...all of those things get to me too, but what I love about it is the slower pace, the beauty of new fallen snow and ice covered trees, the sound of a crackling fire, and having time each evening to cuddle on the couch. These are the things that make winter so special to me.  These are the things I want to enjoy now, while they are here.


KellyC said...

I think you should add, showing Keaton and Hutton how maple syrup is made. :) We also have a huge hill for sledding!

Em said...

Looking forward to reading about your adventures this season. :)

Jill said...

I always love these posts...thanks for sharing!

If you're interested, last year for Valentine's Day, we stayed in since it was during the week, so we celebrated by having a "heart" dinner. This meant everything was shaped or served in the form of a heart. Our menu: ham slices, cheese slices, grilled cheese sandwich, jello jigglers, apples (all cut into heart shapes). Then I have some of those silicone muffin cups that are shaped like hearts, so we made heart-shaped oatmeal muffins, put corn in one (to make sure there was a vegetable!) and for dessert, chocolate pudding in a heart-shaped muffin cup. All other items served on heart-shaped plate. Okay, okay, we went a little overboard on the "hearts", but the kids LOVED it and it was fun to try to come up with different foods that we could fashion into the shape!

Good luck with your list...I look forward to hearing your updates!