Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday Celebrations: 2 and 31

I haven't decided if it is good or bad that within two weeks of Christmas both Keaton and I celebrate our birthdays.  On one hand we don't have the typical post-holiday blues because in this house the celebrations just keep going, but on the other, hoo boy! by January 10th I'm exhausted!

On December 30th Keats, The Stink, Keaters, Bruske, our (oldest) baby turned 2.  I remember when I was in college it seemed like time went so much faster than when I was in high school because it was measured in semesters rather than weeks. I didn't think it was possible but since having kids time goes even faster, because now everything is measured in years.

I took the day off of work so we could celebrate (and can I just say how grateful I am to have a boss with a young child.  A boss who totally gets taking a random Thursday off so you can open gifts and have cake with your two year old on their special day.)  Like any good birthday celebration we started the day off right....with present opening! This is sad but Keaton hasn't even gotten his big gift from us yet.  Collin was sick in the days leading up to his birthday and didn't have a chance to set it up and with getting the house ready for his party... well, it still hasn't gotten done.  Maybe this weekend.  On his birthday he got an old fashion top that has a train that goes around inside and the Goodnight Train book

Following presents we sang Happy Birthday and let Keats dig into his (store bought piece of) cake.  I felt a little guilty for not making something for him but I don't think he really cared.  He had fun blowing out the candle and digging in.

That afternoon we headed to Chuck E. Cheese.  I know it sounds kinda crazy, but it was actually the perfect choice for him.  He's still too young to really care about all the games and prizes but he is hold enough to love running around, going down the kiddie slide and riding those little quarter machine thingys.

A week later I celebrated my 31st birthday.  I know alot of people complain about celebrating another birthday, it means you're getting older and all that.  But I'll tell you what, I wish my birthday was every day.  The day before my birthday was not my best day.  I blew up at the dinner table, right in front of the kids, over money.  Not only was it not my best parenting moment, I think it was my worst.  After that little outburst I was feeling pretty down when I woke up the next morning.  But Collin got out of bed early and made me pancakes before work and it wasn't 7 am before the calls, emails, texts, facebook messages started pouring it.  It was seriously the most uplifting day...maybe ever. And it came at the perfect time.  THEN! I came home that night to awesome cards and gifts in the mail. I think what made it so perfect is that it was all very unexpected.  Now, I can't say it surpassed my 27th (a/k/a The Best Birthday EVER!) but it was pretty darn close.  Thank you everyone!

The grand finale of our birthday celebrations was this past Saturday at Keaton's Choo Choo party. We couldn't have pulled this off without the help of our parents and Amanda, who watched the kids, helped Collin finish the basement, helped clean the house and prepare the food.  Special thanks to Amanda for making this amazing birthday cake!

Keaton LOVED it!

And also a special thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate!  I think we had a little over 30 people here.  Keaton might still be a little young to understand, but it meant so much to Collin and I to have our friends and family here.

We decided this year to go as simply as possible with food so we had a pizza party with salad and other appetizers.  It was shortly after we ate that my mom walked up to me holding Keaton, who had his head on her shoulder.  He was about ready to zonk so I rushed downstairs and told Collin we needed to to cake and gifts pronto or we might not be doing them at all.  So we all sang Happy Birthday and Keaton got to blow out his candles (okay, Mama might have helped him a little..)

The train cake was perfect because there were enough cars for each of the kids to pick their own while the adults had the extra chocolate cake.

My plan was to snap a picture of each of the kids with the train engine Collin made, but it got a bit chaotic during picture time and that didn't really work out.  I did get a couple of the birthday boy though.

To finish up the day we opened gifts.  Keats got so many great gifts and I'm so shocked that with all of the train stuff he got between Christmas and his birthday we didn't get a single duplicate.  And of course, he loves them all!  My favorite part of gift opening was when he opened some new summer clothes from my aunt and uncle and he got up from his spot on the floor and immediately took them to his room to put them away.  

After gifts he crashed pretty hard but he made sure to get up that evening and help himself to TWO MORE train cars.  This is why we call him The Stink.

Now that our holiday and birthday celebrations are all over we are looking forward to a quiet couple of months spent at home in front of the fire. Relaxing as much as possible is on the docket.


CaSondra Shim said...

Love, Love, Love seeing his cute little face! Glad you had great birthdays!!!

Kira said...

It sure was a great day Kate! Glad we could be part of the celebration. Amanda really did do a great job on the cake!

Em said...

Wow, Amanda did a wonderful job on K's cake--so cool! I also like the cut-out idea for pictures! I'm glad you were surrounded by so many friends and family for K's party and also felt so loved on your special day. :)

Jill said...

What an AWESOME cake...way to go Amanda! Glad you both had great birthdays!