Wednesday, December 8, 2010

St. Nick's Day

Monday was St. Nick's Day.  I'm going to be honest and tell you that before I moved to Wisconsin I had never heard of St. Nick's Day, let alone celebrate it.  Alot of the reading I've done suggests that St. Nick's Day is prevalent in cities that have a strong German influence (including Milwaukee), but where we live in central Wisconsin it is the Polish heritage that is more prevalent.  As we were decorating for Christmas I opened my Polish Santa and read the description aloud and it spoke of St. Nick and that on the eve of his feast day the children in Poland would put their shoes in front of their bedroom doors in hopes that St. Nick would leave a gift.  For the goods kids he left apples, gingerbread men, and small toys.  For the bad kids he left sticks.

The remainder of the weekend we kept warning Keaton that if he wasn't good and listened to his parents St. Nick might leave him sticks instead of a gift.  Thankfully it looks like the kids were on St. Nick's "good" list this year.

When we saw what St. Nick had left for the kids we knew Keaton would be thrilled to finally have his own choo choo movie (Busha has one and he keeps asking for it).

But our bet was that he would go straight for Hutton's puppy dog.  That boy, he loooves his stuff animals.

We were wrong. 
It wasn't the movie OR the puppy that caught his attention. 
He went straight for the apple. 

But he was pleased with the movie.  And he's watched it at least 3x a day since then (OMG, sir top 'em hat, blah, blah, I was ready to pull my hair out while working at the computer today listening to it!)

St. Nick also make Hutt a very happy boy.
He loves




Amanda said...

Honestly can Hutt's smile get any cuter!!!! Good job Keats for going for the fruit first :) Beautiful post

Kate W. said...

So cute! I am SO scrounging up all of our Thomas movies for you- they give me hives! :)

CaSondra Shim said...

omg- love their cute pics!