Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  Easter is a close second, but Christmas gets the top spot.  I think alot of it is because it is the one holiday that my extended family gets together and you can count on most everyone being there.  When I first met Collin one thing I was worried about was having to divide our Christmas time.  I couldn't bear the thought of doing an every other year thing with only one family.  Thankfully, that has never been an issue.  While my family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Day, Collin's family always has their big celebration on Christmas Eve.  Add this to the fact that we live closer to his family and therefore we can be at our own house Christmas morning and it doesn't get more perfect.  We get to celebrate with both families, every year.  I realize just how lucky we are. 

We had four wonderful celebrations.  The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but I've also added a few notes on things I don't want to forget from our 2010 Christmases.

Christmas Eve
Favorite site: Watching the boys lay by the tree watching Papa's Lionel Line train go 'round and 'round.
Delicious meal: Dumpling soup and mouth watering steak.
Christmas book: Santa, which was personalized with Keaton's name.  Collin was the narrator.
Present opening: Keaton running to Uncle Ben after opening each gift asking him to take it out of the packaging.
Funniest moment: When Keaton laid Baby Jesus in the manger and then snorted like a pig.  Apparently Baby Jesus snores.

Christmas Morning
Favorite site: Seeing Keaton's face after Collin told him someone had been here.  He was so tired after our Christmas Eve celebration that he didn't go as nuts as we expected when he saw his train set.  But, when Papa & Uncle Ben walked in the door a couple hours later he took them by the hand to come see his new toy.
Piggy Banks: The boys each got a new piggy bank, which is divided into 4 sections: spend, save, donate, invest.  We gave Keaton money to put into both his and Hutts.  He put all of his money into the "spend" bucket and put all of Hutt's into "Save". Hmmm....
Breakfast: Waffles.
Funniest Moment: After Keats got done looking at his train I said, What's over here? What did Hutton get? A toy box? And Keaton slapped his hand on it, looked up at me and announced "Dada!" (Apparently someone was downstairs during construction.)

Christmas Day
Favorite site: Watching Keaton and Jack run around the house chasing each other at the end of the night. 
Favorite sound: Hutton's giggle as he played with MaLinda and Emma.
Delicious meal: Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and my Uncle Bryan's famous gumbo.
Present opening: Oh wow.  With seven great grand kids now it was a little insane.  Fun but insane.
Baby Jesus cake: Instead of our traditional birthday cake we had a decorate your own cupcake table.
The cuteness: The H bombs dressed up in their red Christmas sleepers (Kira and I did not plan this, but it was pretty great.)

Christmas the Day After
Since we celebrate with my extended family on Christmas Day, we celebrated with my immediate family the next morning.
The Christmas Spirit: Anyone that has been to my mom's house around a holiday knows how she goes all out with her decorations.  On Sunday morning I told her that her house was like a Winter Wonderland.  In every room you are surrounded by Christmas, which sounds like it could be gaudy, but I just find it homey.  You can't help but feel the Christmas spirit.
Favorite site: The boys playing together.
Breakfast: Our traditional egg casserole and cheese potatoes. 
Funniest moment: When mom came to the table and asked if anyone wanted anymore juice and Jack, from his highchair, bellowed JUUUUUUUICE!

Here's hoping all of your Christmases were merry!


Amanda said...

Merry Christmas Konos! I just LOVE this post. You definitely captured the moments in pictures but I love that you filled us in our your special moments...memories that are burned into your heart forever :) Happy New Year!!!!

Kira said...

Great recap Kate! Can't wait to swap some pictures with you, looks like you have some good ones!

CLAREW said...

I officially declare you the best blogger ever!!!! You are so good at it Kate!!! I love this post with all the collages. Your Christmas looks like it was filled with awesome memories!!!!

Em said...

I love that you guys get to have so many different Christmas celebrations. Definitely such a wonderful blessing for your family! Great pics, and great memories!

Jill said...

This is absolutely precious...looks like you made some wonderful memories this Christmas! Thanks for sharing!