Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Reality

We've had a really nice Christmas break.  Four straight days of celebrating with our families.  Four straight days of putting everything else aside and just spending time together.  It was needed.  But today, it was back to reality.  I headed back to work this morning and thankfully was able to stay focused the whole day (I never know what that first day back after vacation is going to be like.)

Around 4:00 I got an email from Collin with the subject line "shit" - he was asking me to come home.  He had come down with the stomach flu.  Of course he had already spent the day with the boys, so it's any one's guess as to who is going to get this next.  When I got home he went straight to bed and I wrangled children the rest of the night.  I forget how much help Collin is until he's not there.  Dinner was interesting, I fed Hutt his rice cereal while Keaton sat on my lap and ate the bowl of random stuff I could find around the house.  Grocery shopping should go to the top of the to-do list this week.

Other things on the to-do list, fix the headlight that went out on my car at 11pm on Christmas Eve.  Laundry.  Organize the Christmas gifts - this house looks like a tornado went through.  Laundry.  Start taking down Christmas decorations.  Laundry.  Start cleaning the house in prep for Keaton's birthday party the weekend after next.  Laundry.

I'm hoping to get a Christmas post up this week with pictures from our various celebrations.  Maybe tomorrow night?  I'm also hoping that everyone gets/stays healthy so we can celebrate Keaton's birthday on Thursday.  We were planning on a day at Chucky Cheese.  In two days my little boy is going to be two years old. 

Time goes by to fast.  I need to spend more time putting everything aside and less time doing laundry.  Just as soon as this house is clean...

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Em said...

Ugh...I really, really hope that the boys and you don't get the flu (and that Collin feels better soon). If it's anything like what we've had, it is REALLY bad. I can't tell you the last time I've been this sick. I'm apparently going for round 2 after I thought I was going to be better. So miserable, too, when there's SO. MUCH. to be done.