Sunday, November 14, 2010

PSA for the Ladies


Yesterday I:

Slept in snuggling the baby,
Made a Starbucks run,
Watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving with the boys,
Cuddled them both before naps,

Yelled (again) about the state of the house,
Lost my patience with an inquisitive toddler,
Became frustrated with a baby who wouldn't sleep unless he was held,

Made sweet potato fries and homemade chicken strips for dinner,
Colored and played trains,
Watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as a family.

Today I vowed to do more of the first and third and less of the second.

So far I've:

Watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving (again),
Made pancakes with a helper,
Colored and made cards,
Danced during music time.

Being happy and enjoying these days (even during the crabby times) is so much more fun than yelling.  Why can't I remember this more often?


Jill said...

I love this post...days with more of 1 and 3 are so great because we don't get to do them often enough!

Here are a couple of Thanksgiving recipes for some more quality time with Keaton for the season (hopefully the links go through):

1) Turkey cookies (look at the 2nd picture) I use old-fashioned creme drops instead of the choc covered cherries (you can find them at Dollar General) and I just used a choc covered graham cookie for the bottom instead of another fudge stripe, but either would work:

2) Pilgrim hats (Em did better with these):

Amanda said...

Good job Mama for embracing more of 1 & 3 :) We all have days were #2 reigns supreme but the days were we focus on the good make it all better! I agree with Jill, do some fun Thanksgiving crafts, you'll both enjoy them :)

Kate said...

Jill I love these cookie ideas! We might just have a Wednesday project on our hands!

Keaton loves standing on a chair at the kitchen counter doing just about anything, I know he'd love doing this. You guys are right, both of us would enjoy it!