Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello from the road

I feel like I'm back on maternity leave, I can't remember what day it is...it's Tuesday, right? 

We are enjoying this little vacation; it has been a much needed break.  Our travels down to Indy went about as well as expected with a four month old.  Well, a four month old who hates his carseat.  We made it about 3 hours before Hutt started howling.  Unfortunately our trip was two 4-hour spans.  So I'm just going to let you imagine what that last 45 min to hour of each leg of our trip was like.  I'll just tell you this, it wasn't pretty.

We got to Indy at about 10 pm on Friday night. We spent Saturday at the Indianapolis Children's Museum (Amazing!), and Sunday chilling at Cas & Ben's following church.  We came back to my parent's yesterday and on the way home were able to stop by and see Jill and Andy and family.  Last night I fell asleep with Hutt at 7:30.  My mom came home from working out to find me crashed on the couch.  She kept trying to get me to get up and go to bed but I was so tired I kept shoo'ing her away telling her we were fine. I should have listened to her, that couch isn't very comfortable, but I was so exhausted I could not move. 

Today I spent some time watching TLC (A Baby Story, Bringing Baby Home, Say Yes to the Dress, oh my!) before we made a run to Kohl's.

I pretty much don't want to go home; don't want to return to reality.  Don't want to go back to being stressed out.  I enjoy my boys and life in general so much more without the stresses of work and keeping the house clean.

More to come on our Indy weekend but I wanted to drop in and say Hi and let you know we are enjoying this little break of ours.


Jill said...

It was great to see all of you on Monday - thanks so much for stopping by! Hopefully little Hutt didn't cry too much on the way to Grammy's! :)

Amy Bomstad said...

I totally understand what the car rides are like! Cayle was always AWFUL in the car....still kind of is but a tad better with a DVD player. What a screaming baby can do to raise you stress level!

Enjoy your time there!